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"PSME.*" Papers

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a selection of on-campus papers will be made available via distance and online learning for eligible students.
Find out which papers are available and how to apply on our COVID-19 website

Paper code Year Title Points Teaching period
PSME201 2021 Human Sexuality and Health 18 points Second Semester
PSME401 2021 Nature, Extent and Assessment of Mental Disorders 30 points First Semester
PSME404 2021 Addiction Assessment 30 points First Semester
PSME405 2021 Contemporary Approaches to Mental Health Practice 30 points Second Semester
PSME406 2021 Research Methods: Mental Health 30 points Second Semester
PSME407 2021 Forensic Psychiatry 30 points Second Semester
PSME416 2021 Addiction Applied Theory 30 points Not offered in 2021
PSME422 2021 Addiction Treatment 30 points Second Semester
PSME424 2021 Addiction Pharmacotherapy 30 points Not offered, expected to be offered in 2022
PSME427 2021 Interpersonal Psychotherapy 60 points Full Year
PSME428 2021 Psycho-oncology 30 points Not offered in 2021
PSME432 2021 Introduction to Perinatal Psychiatry 30 points Second Semester
PSME433 2021 Introduction to Infant Mental Health 30 points Not offered, expected to be offered in 2022
PSME436 2021 Principles of Family and Systems Theory 30 points First Semester
PSME437 2021 Applied Systems Theory 30 points Second Semester
PSME439 2021 Intellectual Disability: Theory into Practice 30 points First Semester
PSME449 2021 Introduction to Suicidology and Suicide Prevention 30 points Second Semester
PSME580 2021 Dissertation 60 points First Semester, Second Semester, 1st Non standard period