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"CLST" Papers

Paper code Year Title Points Teaching period
CLAS105 2020 Greek Mythology 18 points Second Semester
CLAS108 2020 Classical Art and Archaeology: Of Heroes, Gods and Men 18 points First Semester
CLAS109 2020 Roman Social History: Slaves, Gladiators, Prostitutes 18 points First Semester
CLAS230 2020 Special Topic 18 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS238 2020 Fantasies, Phobias and Families in Graeco-Roman Myth 18 points First Semester
CLAS240 2020 The Classical World in the Movies 18 points Summer School
CLAS241 2020 Alexander the Great 18 points Second Semester
CLAS242 2020 Living and Dying in Classical Athens 18 points First Semester
CLAS330 2020 Special Topic: Elections in Roman and Modern Times 18 points 1st Non standard period
CLAS337 2020 Murder and Corruption in Ciceronian Rome 18 points Second Semester
CLAS340 2020 Love, Death and the Good Life: Socrates and Plato 18 points First Semester
CLAS341 2020 After Alexander: the Struggle and the Chaos 18 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS342 2020 Ancient Greek Religion: Myth, Ritual and Belief 18 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS343 2020 Archaeology and the Fall of the Roman Empire 18 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS344 2020 From Augustus to Nero: Scandal and Intrigue in Imperial Rome 18 points First Semester
CLAS345 2020 Tales of Troy: From Homer to Hollywood 18 points Second Semester
CLAS380 2020 Directed Study in Ancient Greek or Latin Language 18 points First Semester, Second Semester
CLAS437 2020 Cicero and Roman Oratory 20 points Second Semester
CLAS440 2020 Advanced Studies in Socrates and Plato 20 points First Semester
CLAS441 2020 Advanced Studies in Alexander's Successors 20 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS442 2020 Advanced Studies in Ancient Greek Religion 20 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS443 2020 Archaeology, History and the End of Rome 20 points Not offered in 2020
CLAS444 2020 From Augustus to Nero: Advanced Studies 20 points First Semester
CLAS460 2020 Special Topic 20 points Not offered, expected to be offered in 2023
CLAS480 2020 Research Paper 20 points First Semester, Second Semester
CLAS490 2020 Dissertation 60 points Full Year, 1st Non standard period
CLAS590 2020 Research Dissertation 60 points 1st Non standard period, 2nd Non standard period