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"SOCI" Papers

Paper code Year Title Points Teaching period
SOCI101 2019 Sociology of New Zealand Society 18 points First Semester
SOCI102 2019 Cultural and Social Identities 18 points Second Semester
SOCI103 2019 Crime, Deviance and Social Transformation 18 points Second Semester
SOCI201 2019 Sociological Research in Practice 18 points First Semester
SOCI202 2019 Sociological Theory 18 points Not offered in 2019
SOCI203 2019 Young People and Society 18 points Second Semester
SOCI204 2019 Special Topic: Sociology of Health 18 points Second Semester
SOCI205 2019 Social Inequality 18 points Second Semester
SOCI207 2019 Families and Society 18 points First Semester
SOCI208 2019 Environmental Sociology 18 points First Semester
SOCI213 2019 Concepts of the Self 18 points Second Semester
SOCI301 2019 Mixed Methods 18 points Second Semester
SOCI302 2019 Theories of Social Power 18 points First Semester
SOCI304 2019 Special Topic: Crime, Culture and Technology 18 points Second Semester
SOCI305 2019 Family Demography 18 points First Semester
SOCI306 2019 Public Sociology 18 points First Semester
SOCI309 2019 Special Topic 2: Science, Technology and Post-capitalist Futures 18 points Not offered in 2019
SOCI310 2019 Social Movements and Popular Protest 18 points Second Semester
SOCI313 2019 The Subject in Postmodern Society 18 points Not offered in 2019
SOCI319 2019 The Global Politics of Food 18 points Second Semester
SOCI401 2019 Qualitative Research Ethics 20 points Not offered in 2019
SOCI402 2019 Advanced Sociological Theory 20 points Second Semester
SOCI403 2019 Micro-Sociology 20 points First Semester
SOCI404 2019 Special Topic 20 points Not offered in 2019
SOCI409 2019 Special Topic: Pathways to Parenthood 20 points Not offered,expected to be offered in 2022
SOCI410 2019 Alternative Futures 20 points First Semester
SOCI490 2019 Dissertation 60 points Full Year
SOCI590 2019 Research Dissertation 60 points 1st Non standard period, 2nd Non standard period