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Study Ethnomusicology at Otago

Student working and listen to music


Otago offers a wide range of subjects covering diverse musics of the world. We examine the social and cultural meanings of any musical style of any culture, how to study music and the people performing it, how music fits into its cultural context, and specific music of Asian, Pacific, Latin American, and European cultures.

We also offer students the chance to play Javanese gamelan (Indonesian percussion), Japanese koto (zither), and African drumming (djembe) as practical studies in ethnomusicology, either as stand alone papers or within a specific area study.

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Minor Subject Requirements

Ethnomusicology as a minor subject for a BA, BTheol, BSc, BAppSc, BCom, BHealSc, or BASc degree

Available as a minor subject for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Theology (BTheol), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Health Science (BHealSc), or Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree

Papers Points

Five of MUSI 103, MUSI 104, MUSI 140, MUSI 141, MUSI 203, MUSI 225, MUSI 228, MUSI 240, MUSI 241, MUSI 266, MUSI 267, MUSI 269, MUSI 303, MUSI 325, MUSI 328, MUSI 340, MUSI 341, MUSI 366, MUSI 367, MUSI 369, MAOR 108, MAOR 208, MAOR 308

Must include at least two 200-level papers and one 300-level paper.
ANTH 105, 205 or 320 may be substituted for one paper.
MUSI 140, 141, 240, 241, 340, and 341 should be taken in an approved instrument.

Total 90

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