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Study Latin at Otago

Experience the major works of Roman literature, drama, history and philosophy in the original language.

Latin papers offer both linguistic training and the experience of reading the major works in the original language. Latin, along with Greek, is an essential tool for postgraduate work in Classics.

The minor in Greek

Latin is available as an optional minor subject for the qualifications listed against the minor subject requirements below. It can also be taken as part of a major in Classics.

Classics is available as a major subject of study for a number of degrees.

Minor subject requirements

Latin as a minor subject for a BA, MusB, BPA, BTheol, BSc, BAppSc, BCom, BEntr, BHealSc, BACom, BASc or BComSc degree

Available as a minor subject for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (MusB), Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA), Bachelor of Theology (BTheol), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntr), Bachelor of Health Science (BHealSc), Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BACom), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) or Bachelor of Commerce and Science (BComSc) degree

Level Papers Points

LATN 111  Introductory Latin 1

LATN 112  Introductory Latin 2




LATN 211  Intermediate Latin

LATN 212  Intermediate Latin Authors




One 300-level LATN paper


No paper forming part of a minor subject requirement in Latin may also count for a minor or major subject requirement in Classics.

Total   90


Paper code Year Title Points Teaching period
LATN111 2023 Introductory Latin 1 18 points Semester 1
LATN112 2023 Introductory Latin 2 18 points Semester 2
LATN211 2023 Intermediate Latin 18 points Semester 1
LATN212 2023 Intermediate Latin Authors 18 points Semester 2
LATN328 2023 Advanced Latin Authors 1 18 points Semester 2
LATN329 2023 Advanced Latin Authors 2 18 points Not offered in 2023
LATN464 2023 A Topic in Latin Literature 20 points Semester 2

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