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Tuesday 14 April 2015 2:33pm

Associate Professor Mik Black, CTCR researcher, is an author on a new Nature Genetics paper that increases our understanding of the complexities of skin cancer.

Scientists at the University of Otago and the University of Auckland have been involved in the discovery of new genes that may play a role in how a specific type of melanoma develops, bringing them a step closer to understanding the complexities of skin cancer.

The research, led by investigators at the Houston Methodist Research Institute in Texas, identified more than one thousand 'candidate cancer genes' in mice and, amongst their findings, revealed 46 genes which they say could potentially help predict patients' individual survival chances for the cancer.

They conclude that their findings "provide a rich new resource of candidate genes for melanoma progression and drug targeting".

Download the full scientific article published in Nature Genetics:

Transposon mutagenesis identifies genetic drivers of BrafV600E melanoma (PDF 2.7MB)

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