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Wellington campusMonday, 31 July 2017

DXA scanner
DXA scanner

A unique centre that will forge new links between health researchers and clinicians, working on solutions for complex diseases such as diabetes, obesity and stroke, is being launched at the University of Otago, Wellington (UOW) this week.

The Centre for Translational Physiology (CTP) at UOW will be officially opened by the University's Vice Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne on Tuesday, 1 August. The opening will be attended by the Minister for Science and Innovation Hon Paul Goldsmith.

“This centre provides a platform to enhance collaborative research between scientists and clinical researchers, using a truly unique set of facilities to address large clinical issues” says Professor Sunny Collings, Dean and Head of the UOW campus.

Located on the University's Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences campus, but also right next door to Wellington Hospital, the CTP has world-class infrastructure that allow researchers to make in-depth and precise physiological measurements on research participants.

GENESIS suiteGENESIS suite (Global Energetics and Environmental Simulation suite)

The Centre combines a human physiology lab with a DXA scanner (that measures body composition), clinic rooms including a custom-designed children's room and the GENESIS suite (Global Energetics and Environmental Simulation suite), which is unique in New Zealand with its temperature and altitude range.

“As part of a leading medical school in New Zealand, we need to be at the forefront of medical innovation and advances in clinical care across the full spectrum of health and basic biomedical disciplines,” says Professor Collings.

“Developing and maintaining working links with leading academics and clinicians at places like Victoria University of Wellington, Callaghan Innovation, Capital & Coast Health, and the Malaghan Institute really widens the scope of our research capability and, again, breaks away from the more traditional notions of biomedical research,” she says.

Associate Professor Shieak Tzeng, Director of the CTP, notes that our world-class researchers now have a state-of-the-art facility to collaborate and work in.

“Our mission is to forge leading research programmes that accelerate the transfer of clinically-relevant scientific knowledge from the bench-top to the bedside.

“We believe that building this research capability and infrastructure is the key to strengthening the nation's ability to address important health care issues,” he says.

“The diversity of research is a particular strength of the CTP. It provides the infrastructure such as the GENESIS and the wet lab, but also recognises and enhances the synergy between people and teams so ideas can really flourish,” says Associate Professor Tzeng.

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Facilities: DXA scanner, GENESIS suite

For further information, please contact:
Associate Professor Shieak Tzeng,
Director, Centre for Translational Physiology
University of Otago, Wellington
Tel: 64 4806 1504

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