January 2002
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Mz. Dog


Medusa, look at me: I hardly  recognized you now 
that you scrapped 
off the tattoos & shaved  your head bald, letting 

each snake go snicker-snack 

into the tub - how 
the media 
sensationalized  the scandal of 
your bath.
My fingers slip - slide all over  your lips: you say you do not want 
them inside so I assume you 
mean mouth - the night  you left me, I masturbated to 
the scene where Susie 

Sexpert hustles out 

on the street in virgin
machine, falling  asleep with my 
trousers around 

my ankles & yes,

in my dream you went 
through with your 
operation - in a black  rubber dress 
but something 

went horribly 

wrong - you came 
back from Switzerland 
with a mongrel  bitch grafted onto 
your hindquarters - 

saying I could 

sink my teeth 
into your veins 
above your six  hatchling breasts - feel 
you all big 

'n pregnant rubbing 

your latex cock, hard 
hardening between 
my hands - you'd  think I've never been 
good with my fingers. 

They lose their 

balance - slip right into 
you - never telling the time 
I first french kissed  you in long red hair, electric 
blue go-go boots 

& see-through blouse 

while reeking of 
patchouli oil - got junk 
sick all over you - in your lap,  your hair, on your bed 
while I kept trying to pull 

my fingers out but they

kept sliding in, my thumb 
going up side to side to 
side knocking my hand back  & forth between your 
fingers & falling in again - I never 

told you I once found an 

entire box of sweet-n-low & it 
took me an hour to 
eat the entire thing ending up  jealous of you because 
you spent my last $25.oo on 

this "plastic purple penis" 

2 weeks c.o.d. & I was 
hallucinating so much 
I thought the latex was really  part of you - no one writes 
dildo poems, Mz.Dog.

I never told you next to 

my bed there is a picture of 
you & me in Halloween 
drag near an old black  sixties Chevy looking for 

someone who could sweat
-fuck like a dog.

Approaching the hotel  she called home 
I thought I could feel the 
hot sky hang  between the old gray 
buildings - perhaps 

I was born behind your 

knees, Mz.Dog? 
- perhaps I was born crawling, 
what do you  mean when you speak of the 
passions of a mad dog?

Once there was an oral 

girl - into barking into 
biting a lot - who grew up 
not with two  breasts, but six (this was 
not an inconvenience 

I might add, for the strange 

can always be
made exotic with enough 
body paint + liquid  eyeliner) & great big hands 
she used to push 

down the sidewalk as she 

loped about - it was 
that great summer moon, 
a fearful lemon eye  that kept us all sticky goo 
that night, I must 

write for you. I must 

The night seemed muffled 
the copper glare  of street lamps erect overhead 
sway in place 

a robot's dildo wriggling out 

of the street's 
heinous anus like a jelly 
eel. How much of  our energies have been 
taken up in this vanity? 

- the streets are long - we 

hurry from lit pool to 
lit pool - someone has 
scrawled Purgatory in  crayon on the pavement 
at our feet.

"Purgatory" marks where 

a woman was 
assaulted - beaten to 
death, Castro, August  1985 - no detectives in 
sliding door suits 

woke me up at 3 a.m. telling 

me my sister 
was dead - it must have 
been a private wake,  ravaged & wet, stained with 

exhaustion - do not speculate 

on motives, Mz. 
Dog, I am not interested in 
what you have to  say - you say the streets bleed 
more than you 

or I - more than broken 

bottles & worn out 
veins, but after the click/click 
of her heels over  drain grates, after the body 
bag & early 

morning street sweeper washing 

her blood out 
to sea; Damn you ghost of 
gala rhythms &  dental damns, I am still waiting 
up for a sister 

who will never come home 

wearing her dharma 
lizardskin in these electric 
light variations - once there was a verbal 
girl who kept 

her tongue on her sleeve 

who never talked, 
but whirled away waiting 
for an emotion  to fall out of the sky like heat 

Mz. Dog - she was my 

dominatrix, but you 
are my Fury - how many dance 
floors have  we been to? A hundred years 
ago our parents would 

have murdered us - filled our 

spoiled bodies with 
bullets as we stood, backs to 
a pock-marked wall,  calling us "el queer
bourgeoisie" - the eaters of 

the poor - but now she can 

afford to be a bee-bop 
crooner, finding her "lost 
wandering Blues" soul  in the tune of 'Ma' Rainey, 
absorbing it all 

like a chameleon & I 

-I  - I had always wanted to 
play richard iii (all  that untapped evilness 
made reading Romeo/

Juliet as exciting as a cheap 

porno) do you 
understand? - it's so simple 
it would be laughable  if it weren't so sinister - there's 
no difference than 

when I put on all black & steal 

the stage & spot 
light, Oh simple words - for 
this generation,  whether we call ourselves Bare 
Back, Roaring 

Girls, or New & Lost, infected 

with too much 
as if a tongue could be an 
antidote, we have  found ourselves beyond the 
glare of glamour, 

single glory with out 

style - humorless - ghost 
of lips & cocks, do you know 
of guitar strings &  blues? - that crooning woman 
who first forced me 

to sing out on the street with 

a head full of lice - ghost 
I have long played out your 
pantomimes in dark rooms,  surrounded by shaded anorexic 
dancers eagerly 

imitating - you have made 

me a leash from all the 
pubic hair that you ever 
plucked out so that when  you snap your fingers what 
else can I do 

but pucker up & bark like 

a dog? Ghost of 
mademoiselle & shaking 
bones, you would  leave a broken bottle on 
the street as if to 

turn my feet into ragged 

lips - shredded 
kisses - do you remember 
that blood oh,  ghost? - that fluid like black 
outs - street 

corners we would both wait 

for? Damn ghost, 
you have destroyed more 
of my friends, unbraided  their hair as they cut a pound 
of flesh from 

their stomachs their legs, until 

all I have left 
are there beautiful skeletons 
dressed  in retro flares of 1970s red/

Once there was a junkie & 

a whore & a moon 
that would not have us - is 
it true no one suffers  like the poor? Not you, Mz.
Dog, not I? - remember 

our ears like a shattered radio, 

remember the 
alternating jolts of 
current? - remember dancing  the vibrato? - the electric blue 
go-go boots? remember 

the beat? - beware - beware, 

Mz. Dog. She 
will rip your very bones, so 
they will say, "she couldn't  play shit, but she made 
it sound so good."

(c) Zachary Chartkoff. All Rights Reserved.

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