January 2002
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Welcome to the new issue!
... long overdue, but due to the talent of our submitters, full of wonderful content, some of which crosses from one genre to another (see Richard Reeve's interview with David Howard, and then appreciate Howard's own work in our Poetry section) ...

... we present fiction from all over the world, essays on Hulme's Bone People and an article, on the three stages of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, partially inspired by Robert Berry's First Descents into the Inferno ... we also have native and exotic reviews ...

... and as usual, we have a wonderfully eclectic and extensive poetry section ...



Essays, Reviews and Interviews


Staff for this issue:

Karen McLean: technical and general editor
Jeff Boag: site designer
Richard Reeve: poetry editor
Julian Kuzma: fiction editor
Shane Wohlers: technical assistance