after the op
(and I’m telling you there
won’t be another)

I spied with my good eye
one wrinkled face in the mirror
two flyspot dotted windows, three
sun-faded curtains, four fur deposits

even the cat had gotten into the act

Listening to Kenny

After school we’re got real tricky rivers
to cross and tangly forests to get through
so I don’t bother with them

Kenny doesn’t mind, he’s happy to shout
Except in enemy territory, then we use
our own sign language

But, this is the good bit, we get to talk to
each other all the way through silent
reading!! Not bad eh.

Except for his mum. She keeps cleaning
her tonsils with her feet. Kenny, would you
stop shouting, we’re not deaf

Immediately my hearing is supreme. I hear her
silence - perfectly. She goes sorry, sorry, I didn’t
fuss and smother

We grab her apologetic biscuits and clear out
We’ve got new lands to discover and enemies
to fight

(c) Ruth Arnison. All rights reserved.

The bottom half of an image of a flax frond.