The Glorious Dead

We need a Peter Jackson remake
A million dollar makeover
Make-up, sets, scenery, sex scenes
The lights. The sights. The Red Carpet.
The Directorís Cut. DVD extras. The outtakes. The interviews.
The Spoof. The soundtrack. The musical!
To remember them.

We need popcorn, frozen coke and candy floss
We need overly comfortable seats and fifteen minutes worth of ads
The Embassy guarded by a ten-metre Super Soldier
Tom Hanks and Russell Crowe in Oscar winning performances
ďOnce more over the breach mates! Warís just a game of bloody rugby!Ē
We need fake scenes with digitally re-mastered tears
To remember them.

We need false wrappings
Two for one, 50% discounts and sales
We need official memorabilia
Overpriced, overly exaggerated and exclusively in-store tomorrow

We need Warhammer, Operation Wolf and Risk
World-wide terror on a square foot of cardboard
Lives lost on a board game battlefield

We need Playstation, Nintendo and iPod theme music
10 million characters to pick from
Choose Digger, Tommy, officer, private,
Navy, Army, Tank or Artillery
(Air Force option available in sequel- extra $55.95 please)
Design your own battles thereís unlimited casualties!
Snuggle up in your lazy boy- itís a full feature Friday

We need uninterrupted coverage
We need half-time comments, cheer leaders and hotdogs on a stick
We need widescreen TV, surround sound and optional extras
We need censorís approval
We need content ratings
We need a Prime Ministerís report
We need editorials, opinions and letters in the newspaper
But we will remember them

Remember we them will.

(c) Rhys Brookbanks. All rights reserved.

The bottom half of an image of a flax frond.