deep south 2013

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dsj poetry

Rata Gordon

But what should I do with Rata Gordon?

Feed it to the cow.
Burn it. Ask it nicely.
Throw it over the fence.
Turn it into chutney.
Turn it off at the wall.
Use the broom.
Use the grater.
Use the axe.
Tell it to your father.
Leave it in the sun to melt.
Lose it in long grass.
Light incense. Hang garlic.
Post it on Facebook. Post it to your sister.
Tie it to a bamboo pole and run through the city waving it.
Rip it off with wax. Sell it on Trademe.
Scrub it. Use ash.
Use vinegar and newspaper.
Arrange sticks on the beach to spell it.
Dismantle it and stack the pieces by the laundry door.
Tie it to a brick and throw it in the lake.
Hum it under your breath.
Strike it with lightening.
Climb a tree and shout it.
Let it walk onto your finger and put it on a leaf outside.

Rata Gordon is originally from Auckland's West Coast. She has spent the last nine months travelling through India and Nepal.

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