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s p e c i a l   e d i t i o n


Film and Media Studies 301

film and media theory


eight undergraduate essays


i n t r o d u c t i o n

by Dr David Gerstner


technology and the transformations of new zealand

Dave Matthews - Cinematic Myth and the Maori

Rebecca Burns - Barthes' "Myth Today" and national identity


the cinema of resistence

Rowan Laing - A comparison between McLuhan and Cronenberg

Garth Cartwright - Salo: beyond the aporia of transgression


the politics of television

Heather Wilson - The subversive potential of the Queer Body in talk shows

Jo Harvey - Media coverage of the Zimbabwe "land crisis"


the work of art

Anna Pritchard - Warhol: Possibilities for art in the age of mechanical                           reproduction

Jeremy Young - Cyberart and Cyborgs