Changes in DENSITY 5.0.3, April 2014

In Density 5.0.3 a bug was fixed that could cause some points to be dropped from the computation mesh. The effect on estimates is expected to be minimal.

Changes in DENSITY 5.0, December 2012

A new tool button on the main form starts an interface to the R package secr. This translates the current data entry, data filters and model specification into R code. The code is optionally submitted to R in batch mode, and results are displayed in DENSITY.

Many rarely-used, incomplete or deprecated features have been removed. These include

TIP: If you absolutely need any of these you can find an old version of DENSITY at 

Bugs fixed:

The program has been ported from Borland Delphi 6 to a much more recent version of the Object Pascal compiler, Delphi XE2.