Example input files for the R package 'secr'

For each study there is generally a file of detector coordinates xxxxtrap.txt and a file of detection (capture) data xxxxcapt.txt.

Please use these files only for experimentation with the software. Contact the owner(s) if you wish to refer to them in a publication.

Description Detector type Sessions Detector layout Captures Source notes
A live-trapping study of deermice Peromyscus maniculatus by V. H. Reid at Wet Swizer Gulch , Colorado, in 1975 multi 1 deermousetrap.txt deermousecapt.txt See Otis et al (1978:87–93) and ?deermouse.WSG in 'secr'
A live-trapping study of ferrets Mustela furo in Central Otago, New Zealand single 1 ferrettrap.txt ferretcapt.txt See Efford and Norbury (2005) (study area B3) and description of examples in online help for DENSITY (density5.chm)
Flat-tailed horned lizard Phrynosoma mcallii in Arizona (14 searches of search of 300-m x 300-m quadrat) polygonX 1 FTHLtrap.txt FTHLcapt.txt Royle & Young (2008) Ecology 89: 2281–2289. See also ?hornedlizard in 'secr'
Black bears Ursus americanus detected at hair snares in Great Smoky Mountains N.P., Tennessee, USA and identified by microsatellite DNA. proximity 1 GSMblackbeartrap.txt GSMblackbearcapt.txt Jared Laufenberg, Frank van Manen and Joe Clark (University of Tennessee, Knoxville). See also Settlage et al.  (2008) J. Wildl. Manage. 72: 1035–1042.
Snowshoe hares Lepus americanus  live-trapped in Alaska by Burnham & Cushwa single 1 hareCH6trap.txt hareCH6capt.txt See Otis et al (1978) and secr-tutorial.pdf
single 1 hareCH6.xlsx Excel file with preceding data as two separate sheets
Skinks Oligosoma infrapunctatum pitfall trapped at Lake Station, Buller Valley, New Zealand multi 2 skinktrap.txt infracapt.txt M. G. Efford, B. W. Thomas and N. J. Spencer unpublished data. See ?skink in 'secr'
Skinks O. lineoocellatum pitfall trapped at Lake Station, Buller Valley, New Zealand multi 2 skinktrap.txt lineocapt.txt
Ovenbirds Seiurus aurocapilla mistnetted in Maryland proximity 5 ovenbirdtrap.txt ovenbirdcapt.txt D. K. Dawson and M. G. Efford unpublished data. See ?ovenbird in 'secr'
Brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula live trapped in the Orongorongo Valley, Wellington, New Zealand single 6 OVpossumtrap.txt OVpossumcapt.txt Efford and Cowan (2004). See ?OVpossum in 'secr'
Stoats Mustela erminea sampled with sticky hair snares in Matakitaki Valley, New Zealand single 1 stoattrap.txt stoatcapt.txt Efford, Borchers and Byrom (2009). See ?stoatCH in 'secr'
single 1 stoat.xlsx Excel file with preceding data as two separate sheets

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