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Student absences and impairments

To request planned leave of absence from classes

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If you are ill, or unexpectedly have to miss classes

Use this web form to Advise the Faculty Office by 8am on the day of absence.

If the absence is for five days or less, no further documentation is required.

If the illness or unplanned absence continues for longer than five days, it must be supported by a Faculty of Dentistry Health Declaration for Special Consideration Form 2:

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If you are ill, or unexpectedly have to miss a test or other form of assessment

If the assessment counts for 5% or more of module or paper mark

If the assessment counts for less than 5% of module or paper mark

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If you are ill or impaired during a final examination, or in the 14 days prior to a final examination

Application for Special Consideration is via eVision – a student who applies for special consideration for the Final Written Examinations must do so via their eVision portal and also advise the Faculty they have completed this process by email to

Instructions are available on the portal to advise students of the process and what documentation is required to accompany the application. 

A student who has been impaired in preparation for the examination must complete an application before the examination and indicate in eVision whether you will sit the exam (i.e. will be impaired), or if you will be absent.

A decision of whether a student meets the criteria for Special Consideration or Final Written Examinations in Dentistry is made by Student Administration at the main University. The decision is forwarded to the Faculty and paper co-ordinators to determine the outcome. This is a fair and transparent process and students do not require support or verification from the Faculty to accompany an application.

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