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Student absences and Consideration for impairment

Planned absence from classes

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Unplanned absences from classes

This includes sickness or unexpected absence from classes

Use this web form to advise the Faculty Office by 8am on the day of absence.

If the absence is for five days or less – no further documentation is required.

If the unplanned absence continues for longer than five days – the student needs to email with the reason for the extended absence and to provide supporting documentation e.g. a medical certificate.

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Application for special consideration

Special Consideration is the process by which the Faculty of Dentistry and University seeks to ensure just and equitable treatment of students who suffer unexpected and significant impairment (e.g. serious illness) in relation to assessment. Special Consideration provisions are available for both internal assessment (i.e. an assignment or in-class test) and final examinations.

Students may apply for Special consideration for internal and external assessments if they are impaired and are unable to complete a scheduled assessment. Applications for Internal Assessments are managed within the Faculty of Dentistry. Applications for External Assessments including Final examinations are managed by Student Experience but the Faculty needs to be advised that an application has been submitted (see Special Consideration for External Assessments including Final Examinations).

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Special consideration for internal assessment and clinical, oral and practical examinations


  • This process applies to ALL assessments administered by the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • Internal assessments are detailed in Paper outlines e.g. assignments, theory and practical tests.
  • This process is also used for Final assessments held during examination periods which are managed by the Faculty e.g. clinical, oral, or practical examinations.

Students apply for special consideration for an internal assessment using the following process

The Application will be considered by the relevant paper co-ordinator and the Year co-ordinator/Year Chair. In some circumstances the Programme Convenor may also consider the application, and the decision will be advised as soon as practicable. The outcome of the decision will be applied using the University Policy for
Special Consideration in Student Assessment Procedures.

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Special consideration for external assessments including final examinations

This applies to students who are prevented from sitting an examination due to unexpected circumstances beyond their control, or are significantly impaired during external assessments including a final written examination or within 14 days of the examination concerned. Special considerations.

Final Written Examinations – A student who applies for special consideration for the Final Written Examination must do so via their eVision portal and also advise the Faculty that this process has been completed by email to

Instructions are available on the portal to advise students what documentation is required to accompany the application.

Student Experience (not the Faculty) consider and make decisions on all applications for special consideration for external examinations. This is a fair and transparent process and students do not require support or verification from the Faculty to accompany an application.

The decision is forwarded to the Faculty and the paper co-ordinator will apply the outcome as per the University Academic guidelines.