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Dodd-Walls Centre Equity and Diversity

The Dodd Walls Centre is committed to principles of equity and diversity. These principles are integral to our desire to promote excellence in science and effectively engage with society. 

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Encourage diversity in our membership, in terms of gender, race, sexuality, disability, age, socio-economic status, and culture
  • Ensure equitable treatment for all our members
  • Ensure that all members feel included in activities of the DWC
  • Take positive action to address inequity and exclusion both within the DWC and the broader physical science community
  • Lead by example

DWC Sponsorship

A condition of DWC sponsoring any event is that diversity and equity are considered in all aspects. We would encourage the organizers to have balanced committees where possible for example and speakers to also reflect that balance. As a condition of sponsorship we also ask that an ethics or code of conduct statement be adopted. Guidance regarding what we require can be obtained from Susan Baikie, email: or phone:  03 479 7973

DWC Carer's Fund

This fund is intended to help caregivers attend conferences that they might not otherwise be able to attend.

The full guidelines can be read here.

Gender Equity in the Optics and Photonics Workplace

Gender Equity picAn SPIE Gender Equity Task Force was formed to identify how the professional environment and culture of the optics and photonics community can better enable equal opportunities, rewards, and recognition for its members, independent of gender.

The Task Force developed questions to help characterize and understand gender equity issues in our community. To maximize exposure and responses, these questions were incorporated into the 2016 and 2017 SPIE Global Salary Surveys.

These documents summarize the results obtained from the surveys, the intent of which is to inform and initiate real and measurable change in our community:

From 2017:

• Gender Equity in the Optics and Photonics Workplace:
Survey Overview, Findings, and Interviews (pdf)
• Gender Equity in the Optics and Photonics Workplace:
Key Findings from the Gender Equity Task Force Slide Deck (pdf)

DWC Support for Women in Science

The DWC also supports a variety of initiatives for women in science through partner universities and the Association for CoREs. Feel free to contact us (email to discuss any initiatives that would benefit our members.