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The Dodd-Walls Centre: at the forefront of photonic and quantum technologies

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Our research centres around photonics, the manipulation of light at the most fundamental, quantum level, and the control and manipulation of matter at the atomic scale, through the use of light.



The DWC is forging new approaches to science and technology



DWC physical sciences underpin future technology and innovation


Educational outreach

The DWC is engaging young people in science through museums and events

Nobel Prize Science in use in Dodd-Walls Centre Labs Across New Zealand

The Dodd-Walls Centre is pleased to acknowledge the 2018 Nobel Prize winners in physics. The tools and techniques that they developed are used by DWC researchers in New Zealand on a daily basis. The prize winning tools are used in our labs across the country and contribute to new product development and services that we are working on to grow the New Zealand economy.

Nobel Prize Images

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Dodd-Walls Interface Challenge: solving industry problems with innovative solutions

Dodd-Walls Centre Investigator - Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck

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