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Dodd-Walls Centre Photonic and Quantum Technology Industry applications

Photonics is everywhere!

Photonics is the technology of light and continues to revolutionize almost every industry you can think of. It's incredible what problems can be solved with laser light - DWC researchers are currently using photonics to:

  • Sperm sorting to select cows for AI in the dairy industry
  • Develop high precision surgical tools
  • Pioneer medical imaging techniques
  • Detect bacteria for the food industry
  • Sense pressure, temperature and strain for geological measurements
  • Cut parts with micrometre precision for the manufacturing sector
  • Develop optical data storage solutions for big data applications
  • Measure seismic vibrations for earthquake monitoring

The Future is Quantum!

If photonics is driving today's technology, quantum technologies is rapidly becoming our future. Quantum technologies exploit the strange properties of light and matter which become apparent at atomic scales. Quantum computers are the holy grail of quantum technologies. Around the world companies and governments are pouring billions into the race to create the first one. DWC researchers are currently working on applications that will feed into this global wave of technology:

  • Qubits and quantum algorithms for quantum computers
  • Groundwater monitoring systems via sensitive gravitational field measurements
  • Devices for manipulating and studying individual atoms for atomtronics