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Dodd-Walls Centre and New Zealand Industry

Industry Team Contact: Shannon Scown


Dodd-Walls Interface Challenge: solving industry problems with innovative solutions
Duration: 4m 06s

What are Photonic and Quantum Technology industry applications?

Catching a Global Technology Wave

Photonics and quantum technologies are billion dollar industries. The DWC gives us the critical mass to contribute at world-class level to this global wave of technology transformation.

Developing Solutions for Industry

The Dodd-Walls Centre provides access to a dedicated team of industry professionals. They solve specific problems, create prototype devices and develop Dodd-Walls research for commercialisation.

"Without the Centre of Research Excellence it would never have been possible to pull such a diverse team together, to fund their time and to connect across institutions, disciplines and sectors" DWC Collaboration for NZ's Meat Industry  (114K)

The world of science offers a treasure trove of expertise to solve problems and supercharge innovation in New Zealand industry. But how do companies know where to find the right scientists, or find out if the required expertise exists locally to help them?  New Ideas - matchmaking scientists with industry (51K)

Enabling the High-Tech Sector

Our mission is to leverage New Zealand's research strengths to train a skilled workforce, support new industries and attract the world's best talent to New Zealand.

Dodd-Walls Development Centres

The Dodd-Walls Development Centres are dedicated to solving specific industry problems, developing “commercialisation ready” prototype systems and providing support to researchers during the commercialisation process.

The Lighthouse Platform

The Lighthouse Platform links business, research and government partners for growing high-tech business in New Zealand. The Lighthouse Platform periodically holds events to develop networking between researchers, funders and users of photonic and quantum technologies.