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Dodd-Walls Centre media activity

Dodd-Walls Centre stories, people and events broadcast or published in the media.

Thursday 23 May 2019

More trailblazing research from the Centre. This time from Otago’s Mikkel Andersen building matter an atom at a time - given his Danish roots, quantum lego perhaps? Great work Mikkel.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Kiwi physicists and an American-born archaeologist have been working to create a lamp that mimics the flickering torch light used by ancient artists thousands of years ago spoke with Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand today.

Thursday 18 April 2019

Otago Uni research could change the internet with crystals

DWC's Principal investigator Dr Harald Schwefel and Dr Madhuri Kumari's research has found an answer.

8 January 2018

Otago Museum's Tūhura science centre is a great success 

DWC's Dr Ian Griffin, Otago Museum Director, outlines the successful public response since the opening of the Tūhura science centre, on 16 December 2017.   DWC Education Outreach 

Kiwi Scientists to make Star Trek gadget a reality 

Read more about DWC Investigator Cather Simpson's Endeavour Funding

4 December 2017

Greatest science show ever in the history of the Chathams

31 July 2017

Interview with "Physics Girl" Dianna Cowern

24 July 2017

Science Educators off to Chathams

22 July 2017

DWC scientists team up with New Zealand industry

24 May 2017

NZ physicists collide ultracold atoms to observe a key quantum principle

15 March 2017

What can we learn about quantum physics from bacteria?

23 February 2017

New Zealand can play a key role in developing quantum technology - DWC

1 February 2017

Quantum technology is changing the world

1 February 2017

Simon Poole wins Charles Todd medal in Australia

13 December 2016

Professor Bill Phillips' visit to New Zealand

23 November 2016

New Zealand's oldest telescope restoration

8 November 2016

From sensors to sperm sorting - lighting up NZ's economy with lasers

1 July 2016

Ministry of Primary Industry champions

17 June 2016

Engender Technologies wins Agtech section of world cup tech challenge

10 June 2016

DWC members honoured

12 November 2015

Science programme shines light on bright future for kiwi kids

19 September 2015

Otago collaborates in breakthrough for quantum hard drive

9 January 2015

Laser goes skin deep for 3D picture

12 November 2014