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Dodd-Walls Centre Educational Outreach

The Dodd-Walls Centre at the Queenstown LUMA Festival 2018

28 August 2018

LUMA is an arts and culture festival and celebration based in Queenstown This year, between June 1 and 4, Queenstown was illuminated with lights and the Dodd-Walls Centre was there to help celebrate with 48,000 visitors. Working with partners including the Otago Museum and Genomics Aotearoa, the Lab-In-A-Box attraction was a hit with more than 2,000 locals and tourists from its prime location at the lakeside.

DWC Science Outreach in Niue 13-18 August 2018

18 August 2018

Whilst in Niue with its Far from Frozen climate change exhibition August, the Otago Museum Science Engagement team took advantage of the time to introduce Niue primary school students to photonics and physics.  

More than 180 year 4, 5 and 6 children and their teachers participated in a range of hands-on science explorations ranging from using diffraction glasses, to discuss the visible light spectrum, learning about invisible parts of the spectrum such as UV and infrared using a portable IR camera, and launching water rockets to introduce Newton’s Third Law.

Nieu Outreach 1

Eyal Schwartz discusses the Quantum World with Balclutha Rotary Club

21 June 2018

Eyal_Schwartz_Balclutha_Rotary1-resized       Eyal_Schwartz_Balclutha_Rotary2 resized

The Auckland SPIE Student Chapter awarded USD$5000 Education Outreach Grant from SPIE

16 April 2018

Together with the DWC outreach coordinator Andy Wang, volunteers from the University of Auckland will embark on The Great Northland Science Roadshow project. Volunteers will visit schools, museums and community groups to organise science fairs between June 2018 and April 2019. The roadshow takes science out of its traditional setting in urban centres and universities and brings it to an otherwise less connected audience.  

Inspiring Young New Zealanders

Collaborating with museums we run festivals, events and Educational Outreach programmes to inspire young New Zealanders and their families.

The DWC is a proud sponsor of the newly opened Tūhura Science Centre at The Otago Museum, merging Māori knowledge with traditional science.  Come can check out the displays and be totally amazed by the wonders of physics and science! 

Supporting Māori and Pacific students and whānau

We are keen participants and supporters of programmes such as Science Wānanga, that bring scientists to marae, Hands-on at Otago, and other programmes aimed at increasing participation in STEM subjects.  

Science Wānanga

The Science Wānanga held at Ōtākau Marae in early November was a big success and featured in two Dunedin high school news bulletins:  

Otago Girls High School Nautilus News, November 2017

Kavanagh College, Issue 37, November 2017


Hands-on at Otago

Hands-on at Otago

Museum Programmes

DWC Centres of Illumination are science-based learning environments that are located within museums and in mobile units for reaching rural areas. These team up with Lab in a Box to bring excitement and fun to schools around New Zealand.

Illuminating New Zealand website

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