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Dodd-Walls Centre Research

Dodd-Walls research spans and integrates sensing and imaging techniques, spectroscopy, new and improved laser sources, ultracold atoms and atomtronics, quantum information and quantum theory.

Innovation from collaborations between experimental and theoretical researchers, and across fields of research, is leading to exciting new research results and technology.

Want to know more? See a diagram of Dodd-Walls research and technology here

Dodd-Walls Research Themes

Shining a light on disease _ better diagnoses for coeliacs and cancer resized

A World Leading Quantum Collaboration resized

Earthquake Methods Inspire New Medical Imaging Technique resized

World Leading Colloboration on the Hottest Topic in Optics _Combs of Light in Crystal Discs resized

Illuminating Alpine Fault Earthquake Risks and Revealing Geothermal Resources resized