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Quantum Manipulation & Information

Dodd-Walls Research Theme 2B group

It is one thing to understand how the quantum world works. It requires another level of precision and control to build reliable devices and systems that exploit quantum phenomena. This kind of ‘quantum engineering’ is the focus of this theme.

Through precise observation and control of the interactions between single photons of light and single atoms we are contributing to the development of a new generation of quantum technologies. Our aim is to exploit the weird aspects of the quantum world like quantum superposition (the ability of a quantum particle to exist in more than one state at once) and quantum entanglement (when several particles behave as if they were a single entity).

Our researchers have record ability to isolate and control the motion of single atoms. We can move atoms around with laser light and stick them together to create completely new molecules and conduct ultra-precise experiments.

Our research is contributing to the development of quantum computers capable of solving extremely complex problems. We are looking at novel ways of creating qubits, the fundamental processing units for quantum computers, and developing solutions for quantum memory and quantum debugging.

Quantum communication is the focus of several projects. We are working on a technique to enable communication between quantum computers over large distances. This involves translating single microwave photons, which quantum computers operate on, to optical photons, which are easily transported down optical fibres.

We are also contributing to the fundamental theory behind quantum communication networks and quantum measurement.

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