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Photonic Sources & Components

Dodd-Walls Research Theme 1B group

They say workers are only as good as their tools. This theme is all about developing new and improved lasers, fibre optic cables and other optical tools to open up new frontiers for research and applications.

We work in close collaboration with the other three themes to provide tools to enhance their research and probe further into the quantum world. We are world-renowned for our expertise in fibre lasers, which are versatile, lightweight and cheap to produce. We develop them for use as cutters, sorters and sensors for a wide variety of industrial and science applications.

We are also well known for our research in nonlinear optics; understanding what happens when light stops behaving by the normal rules.

Our fundamental theories and numerical models are used by top research groups across the world and have led to advances in the development of optical frequency combs, cavity solitons and other nonlinear devices that could revolutionise the internet and many other fields.

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