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Dodd-Walls Centre students

DWC Students 2015

The Dodd-Walls Centre has approximately 130 students from partner universities across New Zealand. DWC students have the opportunity to be involved in student-run activities and wider Dodd-Walls Centre activities.

There are two local chapters of the Optical Society of America and a student chapter of SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineers). In addition there are social activities such as happy hour, sporting events and student retreats.

Student profiles

Find out more about student research and experience working in the Dodd-Walls Centre.

DWC Student Listing 2017

Heiana AginerayChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Margaux AireyChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Yashar AlizadehPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Caroline AnyiPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Iman ArdekaniMathematicsUniversity of Auckland
Rakesh ArulChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Simon AshforthPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Logan BaberPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jonathan Eric BarnsleyChemistryUniversity of Otago
Toby Bi PhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Dijana BogunovicPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Levi BourkePhysicsUniversity of Otago
Patrick BowenPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Dylan BrownPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Matthew BrownPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Victor CanelaPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Michael CawtePhysics University of Otago
Shijie ChaiPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Taparabata ChakrabortiComputer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Andrew ChanChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Hao ChenMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Auckland
Wan-Ting ChenChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Matthew ChilcottPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Craig ChisholmPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Ruth CinkChemical SciencesAuckland University of Technology
James ClarkePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Maddy CormackPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Jayson CosmeNZ Institute Advanced StudiesMassey University
Carolyn CowdellPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Sarah CullenChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Owen DillonMathematicsUniversity of Auckland
Aleksa DjorovicChemical SciencesVictoria University of Wellington
Aubrey Gabasa DosadoChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Alex ElliottPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jonathan EvertsPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Kevin FernandesPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Xavier Fernandez-GonzalvoPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Petra FerstererPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Ewan FisherChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Naomi GendlerMathematicsUniversity of Auckland
Hwan GohMathematicsUniversity of Auckland
Anton GulleyMathematicsUniversity of Auckland
Rachel GuoPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Ricardo Gutiérrez-JáureguiPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Thomas HaasePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Neelam HariPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Ian HendryPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Noah HensleyPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Sam HitchmanPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Rhys HobbsPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Fan HongPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Claire HonneyMolecular Medicine & PathologyUniversity of Auckland
James Alexander HopePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Peter HoskingPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Pei-Huan (Sally) HsiehChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Matt HunterPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Adam HyndmanPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Chetna JainChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Mahamood JamilChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Peter JeszenszkiNZ Institute Advanced StudiesMassey University
Jami JohnsonPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Harrisson JullScience and EngineeringUniversity of Waikato
Hong KangChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Harpreet KaurScience and EngineeringUniversity of Waikato
Gavin KingPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Madhuri KumariPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Lia LeePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jeremy Lee-HandPhysicsUniversity of Otago
James LovedayPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Stuart MassonPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Ira MautnerChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Rob McDonaldPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Tarentaise McLeodPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Vivian McPhailPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Rassoul MesbahComputer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Maria MikhisorComputer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Nikolas MitchellPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Zonglai MoMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Auckland
Alex NeimanPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Nikolett NemetPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jacob NgahaPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Alexander NielsenPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Nina NovikovaChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Sue-Ann OhPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Chikezie OnyemaPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Robert OtupiriPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Rachel (Fang) OuPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Adam PamplinPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Hoan PhamPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jelena Velibor RakonjacPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Priyanka RamaswamyPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Matthew ReevesPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Luke ReynoldsPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Martines Gasoni RodrigoPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Jeremy RooneyChemistryUniversity of Otago
Samuel RuddellPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Ruth SalesChemistryUniversity of Otago
Maxime SavoieChemistryUniversity of Canterbury
Bianca SawyerPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Noel SaysonPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jonty ScottPhysics and AstronomyUniversity of Canterbury
Sophie ShamailovNZ Institute Advanced StudiesMassey University
Scarlett ShiPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Daniel SolisScience CommunicationUniversity of Otago
Rock SteelePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Jason SunScience and EngineeringUniversity of Waikato
Joshua SuttonChemistryUniversity of Otago
Luke SymesPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Stanley TangPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Siriluck TesanaChemistryUniversity of Canterbury
Karen ThornChemical SciencesVictoria University of Wellington
Ryan ThomasPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Sarah ThompsonChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Luke TrainorPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Magdalena UrbanskaPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Matheus VargasChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Dominik VogtPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Qing WangChemical ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Yadong WangPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Karen WebbPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Reece WhitbyChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Donald WhitePhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Lewis WilliamsonPhysicsUniversity of Otago
Henry WisemanPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Vincent Wofgramm-RussellPhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Piao (Tracy) YeChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Huihua ZhouChemical SciencesUniversity of Auckland