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Our people at the Department of Medicine

Departmental administration

Executive Committee

Academic staff


Clinical Excercise Physiology

Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research

Emergency Medicine

Endocrinology Research Group


Healthier Lives National Science Challenge

NZ-China NCD Research Collaboration Centre

  • Fia Jephson Sandstrom Administrator
  • Dr Hu Zhang Research Collaboration Manager

Infectious Diseases

Internal Medicine

Leukocyte and Inflammation Research Laboratory

Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Clinical Haematology


Older Person's Health


Palliative Medicine





  • Dr Jack Dummer Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr Ben Brockway Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine
  • Emeritus Professor Robin Taylor Emeritus Professor in Respiratory Medicine
  • Jan Cowan Research Manager
  • Jo Wass Research Nurse


Sports Medicine

Stroke Medicine

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Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

Postgraduate students

PhD candidates

  • Hamish Angus, "Investigation into T cell mediated Crohn's Disease and adaption into an organoid model". Supervisors: Associate Professor Roslyn Kemp (Microbiology and Immunology); Associate Professor Grant Butt (Physiology); Associate Professor Michael Schultz (Medicine)

  • Miranda Buhler, "The impact of base of thumb osteoarthritis and the effectiveness of orthotic management". Supervisors: Dr Cathy Chapple, Professor David Baxter (Physiotherapy); Associate Professor Simon Stebbings (Medicine)

  • Suranga Dassanayake, "Risk of obstructive sleep apnoea in poorly controlled hypertension – a study of two population groups". Supervisors: Dr Margot Skinner (Physiotherapy); Associate Professor Debra Waters, Dr Ben Brockway (Medicine)

  • Carrie Falling, "Persistent musculoskeletal pain among individuals with immune-mediated chronic inflammatory conditions". Supervisors: Dr Ramakrishnan Mani, Professor David Baxter (Physiotherapy); Associate Professor Simon Stebbings (Medicine)

  • Travis Gibbons, "The influence of independent and combined environmental stressors on cerebrovascular function". Supervisors: Professor Jim Cotter (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences); Professor Phil Ainslie (External); Dr Luke Wilson (Medicine); Dr Kate Thomas (DSM - Surgical Sciences)

  • Angela Greenman, "Cellular Mechanisms of Diabetic Cardiac Dysfunction". Supervisors: Dr Chris Baldi (Medicine); Dr Jeff Erickson (Physiology)

  • Renée Hamel, "Impact of cardiovascular and respiratory deconditioning on physical activity in outpatient adults with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury". Supervisors: Professor Leigh Hale (Physiotherapy); Associate Professor James Smoliga (External); Associate Professor Debra Waters (Medicine)

  • Roisin Hegarty, "Developing a patient-informed treatment approach for improving quality of life among people with arthritis-related fatigue". Supervisors: Dr Gareth Treharne, Dr Tamlin Connor (Psychology); Associate Professor Simon Stebbings (Medicine)

  • Dr Kristin Kenrick, "Recognising and managing coeliac disease in NZ: How can we do better". Associate Professor Chrys Jaye (GP); Professor Andrew Day (Paeds CSM); Associate Professor Michael Schultz (Medicine)

  • Prakash Khadka, "Inhaled rifampicin for treating tuberculosis".  Dr Shyamal Das (Pharmacy); Professor Philip Hill (DSM - Preventive and Social Medicine); Dr Jack Dummer (Medicine)

  • Lis Latta, "Undergraduate medical and nursing education in palliative care, and new graduates' self efficacy and attitudes towards caring for people who are dying". Dr Richard Egan (DSM - Preventive and Social Medicine); Professor Rob Walker (Medicine); Dr Jean Ross (External)

  • Shu-Fen Claudia Leong, "Microbiota and diet in infants and children.". Associate Professor Anne-Louise Heath, Dr Jill Haszard (Human Nutrition); Professor Rachael Taylor (Medicine); Professor Gerald Tannock (Microbiology and Immunology); Dr Ewa Szymlek-Gay (External) (Pharmacology)

  • Paulomi Mehta, "Deciphering the underlying genetics of lithium induced kidney fibrosis". Supervisors: Dr Tania Slatter (Pathology); Professor Rob Walker (Medicine)

  • Mohammed Moharram, "Advanced echocardiographic imaging in ischaemic heart disease". Supervisors: Dr Sean Coffey, Professor Michael Williams (Medicine)

  • Silke Morrison, "Does not getting enough sleep change what children eat?". Supervisors: Professor Rachael Taylor (Medicine); Associate Professor Barbara Galland (DSM - Women's and Children's Health), Dr Jill Haszard, (Department of Human Nutrition)

  • Yann Huey Ng, "Study on diabetic cardiac cells dysfunction using single cell physiology system". Supervisors: Dr Chris Baldi (Medicine); Dr Regis Lamberts (Physiology)

  • Tyson Perez, "Temporal lobe epilepsy". Supervisors: Professor Dirk de Ridder (DSM - Surgical Sciences); Dr Sook Ling Leong, Dr Luke Wilson, Professor Patrick Manning (Medicine); Professor Paul Glue (DSM - Psychological Medicine)

  • Estelle Peyroux, "Development of a novel anti-inflammatory therapy for inflammatory bowel disease and ankylosing spondylitis". Supervisors: Professor Sarah Young (Pathology); Dr Greg Walker (Pharmacy); Emeritus Professor John Highton (Medicine)

  • Amelié Poilliot, "A study on the relation between sacroiliac pathology and fatty infiltration within the sacroiliac complex". Supervisors: Associate Professor Niels Hammer (Anatomy); Professor Terence Doyle (Medicine)

  • Chaya Ranasinghe, "Diet, activity and cardio-metabolic health during the transition from primary to secondary school". Supervisors: Dr Paula Andrews, Dr Katherine Black, Dr Jill Haszard (Human Nutrition), Dr Kim Meredith-Jones (Medicine)

  • Sarah Rhodes, "Does text messaging enhance motivation to improve physical activity levels and emotional health in adults with obstructive sleep apnoea?". Supervisors: Dr Margot Skinner (Phyiostherapy); Associate Professor Debra Waters, Dr Ben Brockway (Medicine)

  • Joyeeta Roy, "MicroRNA biomarkers and Parkinson's Disease". Supervisors: Dr Joanna Wiliams (Anatomy); Dr Nicholas Cutfield (Medicine)

  • Troy Ruhe, "Circuit-based exercise within Cook Islands Communities". Supervisors: Dr Lynette Jones (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Medicine); Associate Professor Tai Sopoaga (DSM - Dean's Department); Associate Professor Debra Waters (Medicine)

  • Kiri Sharp, "Dietary approaches for weight loss in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease". Supervisors: Dr Kirsten Coppell, Associate Professor Michael Schultz (Medicine)

  • Nick Shields, "Adoptive therapy of colorectal cancer". Supervisors: Associate Professor Sarah Young (Pathology); Dr Chris Jackson (Medicine)

  • Leena Shoemaker, "Cognition and cerebrovascular function: dependence on age, fitness and exercise modality". Supervisors: Professor Jim Cotter (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Medicine); Dr Luke Wilson (Medicine); Associate Professor Liana Machado (Psychology); Dr Sam Lucas (Physiology)

  • Kanchana Subasinghe,"Biological characterisation of morphological alterations of the cornea following cross-linking treatment". Supervisors: Professor George Dias (Anatomy); Dr Kelechi Ogbuehi, Dr Logan Mitchell (Medicine)

  • Lara Vlietstra, "Screening and treating “pro-dromal” sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity". Supervisors: Dr Kim Meredith-Jones, Associate Professor Debra Waters (Medicine); Dr Lynette Jones (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Medicine)

  • David Wang, "Optimizing treatment regimens for human cancers". Supervisors: Dr Noelyn Hung (Pathology); Dr Chris Jackson (Medicine)

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Master's, Honours, and Postgraduate Diploma students

  • Luke Barker, (MSc neuroscience candidate), "Sports-related concussion management". Supervisors: Dr Hamish Osborne, Dr Sierra Beck (Medicine); Dr Jim Cotter (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences)

  • Richard Bell, (BMedSci (hons) candidate), "Effects of adding high intensity interval training (HIIT) versus moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) to a resistance training protocol". Supervisors: Dr Lynette Jones (Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences); Dr Chris Baldi (Medicine).

  • Dr Ammar Binsadiq, (MOphth candidate), "Corneal endothelial cell density in eyes that have undergone Molteno Implant surgery using specular microscopy". Supervisors: Dr Kelechi Ogbuehi (Medicine)

  • Dr Sheng Chiong Hong, (MOphth candidate), "Smart-phone Fundus Imaging". Supervisors: Dr Logan Mitchell, Professor Rob Walker, Dr Paul Hessian (Medicine); Dr Graham Wilson (Gisborne)

  • Ryder Fuimaono, (BMedSci (hons) candidate), "Does a novel genetic variant, highly expressed in Samoans, explain their increased propensity to developing Chronic Kidney Disease?". Supervisors: Associate Professor Fa'afetai Sopoaga (DSM - Dean's department); Professor Rob Walker (Medicine)

  • Dr Aisyah Ibrahim, (MMedSci candidate), "Journey of colorectal cancer patients in the Otago and Southland regions and whether the Faster Cancer Treatment programme has made a difference". Supervisors: Dr Christopher Jackson (Medicine); Professor Sarah Derret (DSM - Preventive and Social Medicine)

  • Dr Ben O’Keeffe, (MOphth candidate), "The effect of raised eye pressure after cataract surgery on optic nerve and macular microstructure using spectral-domain OCT". Supervisors: Dr Logan Mitchell (Medicine); Professor Tony Wells (Wellington)

  • Kelsey Paterson, (MDiet candidate). Supervisors: Dr Tracey Perry (Human Nutrition); Dr Sharon Pattison (Medicine)

  • Elizabeth Peterson, (MPH candidate), "Quality of Life Outcomes for older people with Chronic Kidney Disease". Supervisors: Professor Sarah Derrett, Dr Emma Wyeth (DSM - Preventive and Social Medicine); Professor Rob Walker (Medicine); Mr Ari Samaranayaka (DSM - Dean's Department)

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