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The Obesity Prevention and Management postgraduate qualifications are for health professionals working in the area of obesity prevention and management, whether it be clinically, professionally or academically. These will contribute to an interprofessional, collective approach to obesity prevention and management.

Suited to professionals working in areas such as primary health care, nutrition, exercise, health promotion and policy, or those in central government who wish to enhance their scope of professional practice, these qualifications have the potential to influence career paths and/or support leading an interprofessional obesity prevention and management team.

Distance learning is available.

Compulsory papers

  • GENA 737 Obesity Prevention and Management Exploring the determinants of obesity and evidence-based, non-stigmatising strategies for prevention and management
  • NUTN 404 Nutrition and Chronic Disease A critical and in-depth analysis of current and topical issues in the role of nutrition in chronic disease, specifically obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • SPME 711 Exercise Prescription A pragmatic paper where students learn how to prescribe exercise as part of patients' health regimes, whilst taking into consideration any related medical problems

Optional papers

Key staff involved in Obesity Prevention and Management

Contact details

Course Coordinator Dr Hamish Osborne

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