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EARU produces yearly reports on assessments relating to our current project, NMSSA.

Reports to date include:


NMSSA: 2016 Learning Languages -
Full Report (PDF format, 10MB)
Summary (PDF format, 2.2MB)

NMSSA: 2016 Technology -
Full Report (PDF format, 16.7MB)
Summary (PDF format, 1.8MB)

NMSSA: 2016 Digital Technology -
Full Report: (PDF format, 6MB)


NMSSA: 2015 The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts) -
Full Report (PDF format, 3.6MB)
Summary (PDF format, 2.4MB)

NMSSA: 2015 English: Listening -
Full Report (PDF format, 5.1MB)
Summary (PDF format, 960kb)

NMSSA: 2015 English: Viewing -
Full Report (PDF format, 5.2MB)
Summary (PDF format, 1.2MB)


NMSSA: 2014 English: Reading -
Full Report (PDF format, 13.2MB)
Summary (PDF format, 922kb)

Reports_2015NMSSA: 2014 Social Studies -
Full Report (PDF format, 7.6MB)
Summary (PDF format, 2MB)


NMSSA: 2013 Health and Physical Education -
Full Report (PDF format, 7MB)
Summary (PDF format 920kb)

NMSSA: 2013 Mathematics and Statistics -
Full Report (PDF format 4.8MB)
Summary (PDF format 1.4MB)


NMSSA: 2012 Science -
Full Report (PDF format 5.2MB)
Summary of Findings (PDF format 3.2MB)

NMSSA: 2012 English: Writing -
Full Report (PDF format 3.9MB)
Summary of Findings (PDF format 3.2MB)

These reports provide information on what Year 4 and Year 8 students know and can do in these learning areas, how they are achieving against the New Zealand Curriculum, progress made by students between Year 4 and Year 8, and differences between subgroups. Factors that may influence achievement are examined. The reports also provide a specific focus on the achievement of the Ministry of Education’s priority learner groups: Mäori, Pasifika and students with special education needs.

All NMSSA Reports to date ~