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Discussion papers

The Role of the Monetary Policy Stance for the Government Spending Multiplier in PolandThe Role of the Monetary Policy Stance for the Government Spending Multiplier in Polandrs can be located under the following ISSN numbers:

ISSN 0111-1760 (Print)
ISSN 1178-2293 (Online)

2022 Economics Discussion Paper Series

2201: Alan King
Finite sample critical values for flexible Fourier form Lagrange-Multiplier and Dickey-Fuller unit root tests

2202: Alfred A. Haug, Anh T.N. Nguyen, P. Dorian Owen
Do the determinants of foreign direct investment have a reverse and symmetric impact on foreign direct divestment

2203: Trung V. Vu, P. Dorian Owen, Alfred A. Haug, Arlene Garces-Ozanne
The Deep Historical Roots of Comparative Cross-Country Health Status

2204: Alfred Haug, Tomasz Łyziak, Anna Sznajderska
The Role of the Monetary Policy Stance for the Government Spending Multiplier in Poland

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2021 Economics Discussion Paper Series

2101: Trung V. Vu
State history and political instability: The disadvantage of early state development

2102: Nathan W. Chan, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters, Leonard Wolk
Cost-(in)effective public good provision: An experimental exploration

2103: Fraser C. Partridge
Polarisation and Poverty Reduction in Africa: The Devil is in the Choice of Equivalence Relation

2104: Viktoria Kahui, Claire W. Armstrong and Margrethe Aanesen
A firm grip on nature: The economic case for environmental personhood

2105: India Power, Alfred Haug
Government Spending Multipliers in Times of Tight and Loose Monetary Policy: Evidence for New Zealand

2106: Trung Vu
Long-term cultural barriers to sustaining collective effort in vaccination against COVID-19

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2020 Economics Discussion Paper Series

2001: Trung V. Vu
Climate, Diseases, and the Origins of Corruption

2002: Mark Millin, David Fielding, Dorian Owen
Education spending and Wagner’s law: New international evidence

2003: Saeideh Babashahi, Paul Hansen, Trudy Sullivan
Creating a priority list of non-communicable diseases to support health research funding decision-making

2004: David Fielding, Stephen Knowles, Ronald Peeters
In Search of Competitive Givers

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2019 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1901: Anh T.N. Nguyen, Murat Genç, Alfred Haug, P. Dorian Owen
The knowledge-capital model: The case of intra-Asian foreign direct investment

1902: Andrew Coleman
Taxing capital income in New Zealand: an international perspective

1903: Trudy Sullivan, Paul Hansen, Franz Ombler, Sarah Derrett, Nancy Devlin
A new tool for creating personal and social EQ-5D-5L value sets, including valuing ‘dead’

1904: Pike Brown and Stephen Knowles
Cash is Not King in Incentivising Online Surveys

1905: Murat Genç, Stephen Knowles and Trudy Sullivan
In Search of Effective Altruists

1906: Samuel Verevis, Murat Üngör
What Has New Zealand Gained From The FTA With China?: Two Counterfactual Analyses

1907: Tom Fraser, Murat Üngör
Migration Fears, Policy Uncertainty and Economic Activity

1908: Pike Brown, Duncan Grimson and Stephen Knowles
How Close to Home Does Charity Begin?

1909: Trung V. Vu
Does institutional quality foster economic complexity?

1910: Nadezhda V. Baryshnikova, Shannon F. Davidson, Dennis Wesselbaum
Does Pollution Affect Crime? Evidence from U.S. Cities

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2018 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1801: Ronald Peeters, Marc Vorsatz
Simple guilt and cooperation

1802: Ronald Peeters, Anastas P. Tenev
Number of bidders and the winner’s curse

1803: Tom Barker, Murat Üngör
Vietnam: The Next Asian Tiger?

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2017 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1715: P. Dorian Owen, Caitlin A. Owen
Simulation Evidence on Herfindahl-Hirschman Indices as Measures of Competitive Balance

1714: Leon Stirk-Wang, Paul Thorsnes
Geographic variation in intra-city house price appreciation over the boom-bust cycle: evidence from Auckland, NZ

1713: Paul Thorsnes, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson
Heterogeneity in household preferences for energy-efficient heating systems

1712: Avtar Singh, Arlene Garces-Ozanne
Revisiting The Decline In India’s Female Labour Force Participation: The Rise Of Machines And Security Risks

1711: David Fielding, Stephen Knowles, Kirsten Robertson
Alcohol Expenditure, Generosity and Empathy

1710: Syed Abul Basher, Alfred A. Haug, Perry Sadorsky
The impact of oil-market shocks on stock returns in major oil-exporting countries: A Markov-switching approach

1709: Andrew Coleman
Housing, the ‘Great Income Tax Experiment’, and the intergenerational consequences of the lease

1708: Amelia Aburn and Dennis Wesselbaum
Gone with the Wind: International Migration

1707: Dereje Regasa, David Fielding, Helen Roberts
Access to Financing and Firm Growth: Evidence from Ethiopia

1706: Prince M. Etwire, David Fielding, Viktoria Kahui
The impact of climate change on crop production in Ghana: A Structural Ricardian analysis

1705: Yonatan Dinku, David Fielding, and Murat Genç
Health Shocks and Child Time Allocation Decisions by Households: Evidence from Ethiopia

1704: Franz Ombler, Michael Albert, Paul Hansen
The true significance of ‘high’ correlations between EQ-5D value sets

1703: Andrew Coleman
A balancing approach: using the living standards framework to assess different retirement income policies

1702: Santanu Chatterjee, Olaf Posch, Dennis Wesselbaum
Delays in Public Goods

1701: David Fielding, Stephen Knowles, Kirsten Robertson
When does it matter how you ask? Cross-subject heterogeneity in framing effects in a charitable donation experiment

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2016 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1611: Muhammad Akhtaruzzaman, Christopher Hajzler and P. Dorian Owen
Does institutional quality resolve the Lucas Paradox?

1610: Trenton G Smith, Steven Stillman, Stuart Craig
The U.S. Obesity Epidemic: Evidence from the Economic Security Index

1609: Arlene Garces-Ozanne, Edna Ikechi Kalu and Richard Audas
How do empowerment and self-determination affect national health outcomes?

1608: Jeremy Clark, Arlene Garces-Ozanne and Stephen Knowles
Dire Straits v The Cure: Emphasising the Problem or the Solution in Charitable Fundraising for International Development

1607: Alfred Haug
A New Test of Ricardian Equivalence Using the Narrative Record on Tax Changes

1606: Ayşe İmrohoroğlu and Murat Üngör
Is Zimbabwe More Productive Than the United States? Some Observations From PWT 8.1

1605: Harry Cunningham, Stephen Knowles and Paul Hansen
Bilateral foreign aid: How important is aid effectiveness to people for choosing countries to support?

1604: Dennis Wesselbaum
Cheap Talk in a New Keynesian Model

1603: Dennis Wesselbaum
Jobless Recoveries: The Interaction between Financial and Search Frictions

1602: Marc-Andre Luik and Dennis Wesselbaum
Did the FED React to Asset Price Bubbles?

1601: Tarek M. Harchaoui and Murat Üngör
The Lion on the Move Towards the World Frontier: Catching Up or Remaining Stuck?

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2015 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1508: Dorian Owen
Evaluating ingenious instruments for fundamental determinants of long-run economic growth and development

1507: David Fielding and Johan Rewilak
Credit Booms, Financial Fragility and Banking Crises

1506: David Fielding and Shef Rogers
Copyright Payments in Eighteenth-Century Britain, 1701-1800

1505: David Fielding
Understanding the Etiology of Electoral Violence: The Case of Zimbabwe

1504: Stephen Knowles and Trudy Sullivan
Does Charity Begin at Home or Overseas?

1503: Mohammad Jaforullah and Alan King
Is New Zealand's economy vulnerable to world oil market shocks?

1502: Mohammad Jaforullah
International tourism and economic growth in New Zealand

1501: Stephen Knowles, Maroš Servátka, and Trudy Sullivan
Deadlines, Procrastination, and Inattention in Charitable Giving: A Field Experiment

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2014 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1410: David Fielding and Shef Rogers
Monopoly Power in the Eighteenth Century British Book Trade

1409: David Fielding
Mapping Medieval and Modern Chauvinism in England

1408: Svetlana Adrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos Demetriades, David Fielding
Ethnic Fractionalization, Governance, and Loan Defaults in Africa

1407: Meltem Ucal, Mehmet Hüseyin Bilgin, Alfred A. Haug
Income Inequality and FDI: Evidence with Turkish Data (PDF, 355KB).

1406: Jeong-Yoo and Nathan Berg
Quantity restrictions with imperfect enforcement in an over-used commons: Permissive regulation to reduce over-use? (PDF, 375KB).

1405: Dan Farhat
Information Processing, Pattern Transmission and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand (PDF, 679KB).

1404: Dan Farhat
Artificial Neural Networks and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand (PDF, 1,045KB).

1403: deleted due to request from journal editor

1402: Nathan Berg and Todd Gabel
New Reform Strategies and Welfare Participation in Canada (PDF, 256KB).

1401: Stephen Knowles and Maroš Servátka
Transaction Costs, the Opportunity Cost of Time and Inertia in Charitable Giving (PDF, 316KB).

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2013 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1318: David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Can you spare some change for charity? Experimental evidence on verbal cues and loose change effects in a dictator game

1317: Kim Economides, Alfred A. Haug, Joe McIntyre
Are Courts Slow? Exposing and Measuring the Invisible Determinants of Case Disposition Time

1316: Alfred A. Haug and Vincent C. Blackburn
Efficiency Aspects of Government Secondary School Finances in New South Wales: Results from a Two-Stage Double-Bootstrap DEA at the School Level

1315: Trenton G. Smith and Attila Tasnádi
The Economics of Information, Deep Capture, and the Obesity Debate

1314: Nathan Berg and Jeong-Yoo Kim
Prohibition of Riba and Gharar: A signaling and screening explanation?

1313: Alfred A. Haug, Tomasz Jedrzejowicz and Anna Sznajderska
Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an SVAR for a Small Open Economy

1312: Paul Hansen, Nicole Kergozou, Stephen Knowles and Paul Thorsnes
Developing countries in need: Which characteristics appeal most to people when donating money? (PDF, 209KB).

1311: P. Dorian Owen
Measurement of Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome (PDF, 165KB).

1310: Sarah Baird, Erick Gong, Craig McIntosh, Berk Özler
The Heterogeneous Effects of HIV Testing (PDF, 710KB).

1309: P. Dorian Owen and Nicholas King
Competitive Balance Measures in Sports Leagues: The Effects of Variation in Season Length (PDF, 484KB).

Supporting Information (PDF, 421KB).

1308: Nathan Berg, G. Biele and G. Gigerenzer
Does Consistency Predict Accuracy of Beliefs?: Economists Surveyed About PSA (PDF, 331KB).

1307: David Fielding
How Much Does Women’s Empowerment Influence their Wellbeing? Evidence from Africa (PDF, 324KB).

1306: Dan Farhat
Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Disease and Economic Malady: A First Look Using Search Engine Query Data (PDF, 216KB).

1305: David Fielding & Chris Hajzler
Comment on Relative Price Variability and Inflation in Reinganum's Consumer Search Model (PDF, 293KB).

1304: Nathan Berg & Todd Gabel
Effects of New Welfare Reform Strategies on Welfare Participation: Microdata Estimates from Canada (PDF, 345KB).

1303: Alfred Haug
On Real Interest Rate Persistence: The Role of Breaks (PDF, 268KB).

1302: Dan Farhat
An Agent-based Model of interdisciplinary Science and the Evolution of Scientific Research Networks (PDF, 285KB).

1301: Dan Farhat
The Economics of Vampires: An Agent-based Perspective (PDF, 621KB).

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2012 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1205: Dan Farhat
Artificial Neural Networks and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand (PDF, 315KB).

1204: Mathias Sinning & Steven Stillman
Where Should I Live? The Locational Choices of Australians and New Zealanders (PDF, 785KB).

1203: Simona Fabrizi, Steffen Lippert, Clemens Puppe & Stephanie Rosenkranz
Suggested retail prices with downstream competition (PDF, 261KB).

1202: Simona Fabrizi & Steffen Lippert
Corruption and the Public Display of Wealth (PDF, 339KB).

1201: Viktoria Kahui & Claire W. Armstrong
Search and destroy: a bioeconomic analysis of orange roughy fisheries on seamounts in New Zealand (PDF, 455KB).

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2011 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1117: P. Dorian Owen & Niven Winchester
The impact of US fresh milk production standards on dairy trade 

1116: Rob Lawson, Paul Thorsnes & John Williams
Consumer Response to Time Varying Prices for Electricity (PDF, 318KB).

1115: Paul Thorsnes, Robert Alexander & David Kidson
Low-income housing in high-amenity areas: Long-run impacts on residential development (PDF, 563KB).

1114: Mark McGillivray, David Fielding, Sebastian Torres & Stephen Knowles
Does Aid Work for the Poor? (PDF, 247KB).

1113: Simona Fabrizi and Steffen Lippert
Due diligence, research joint ventures, and incentives to innovate (PDF, 2.3MB).

1112: Francis Bloch, Simona Fabrizi and Steffen Lippert
Learning and Collusion in New Markets with Uncertain Entry Costs (PDF, 501KB).

1111: Willie Lahari
Exchange Rate Volatility and Choice of Anchor currency - Prospects for a Melanesian currency Union (PDF, 513KB).

1110: Willie Lahari
Assessing Business Cycle Synchronisation - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union (PDF, 313KB).

1109: Alfred A. Haug and Ian P. King
Empirical Evidence on Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run (PDF, 472KB).

1108: David Fielding and Fred Gibson
Aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (PDF, 164KB).

1107: David Fielding, Chris Hajzler and Jim MacGee
Determinants of Relative Price Variability during a Recession: Evidence from Canada at the time of the Great Depression (PDF, 358KB).

1106: Subhasish M. Chowdhury & Stephen Martin
Innovation Races with the Possibility of Failure (PDF, 312KB).

1105: David Fielding
New Zealand: The Last Bastion of Textbook Open-economy Macroeconomics (PDF, 191KB).

1104: Alison Barber, Paul Hansen, Ray Naden, Franz Ombler and Ralph Stewart
Who’s next? A new process for creating points systems for prioritising patients for elective health services (PDF, 152KB).

1103: Dan Farhat
Bookworms versus Party Animals: An Artificial Labor Market with Human and Social Capital Accumulation (PDF, 1.4MB).

1102: David Fielding
The Dynamics of Aid and Political Rights (PDF, 180KB).

1101: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
What Sort of People Vote Expressively? (PDF, 196KB).

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2010 Economics Discussion Paper Series

1016: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Are Survey measures of Trust Correlated with Experimental Trust? Empirical Evidence from Cameroon (PDF, 75KB).

1015: Daniel Farhat
Virtually Science: An Agent-based Model of the Rise and Fall of Scientific Research Programs (PDF, 2060KB).

1014: Syed Abul Basher, Alfred A. Haug and Perry Sadorsky
Oil Prices, Exchange Rates and Emerging Stock Markets (PDF, 540KB).

1013: Alfred A. Haug and William G. Dewald
Money, Output and Inflation in the Longer Term: Major Industrial Countries, 1880-2001 (PDF, 243KB).

1012: Chris Hajzler
Resource-based FDI and Expropriation in Developing Economies (PDF, 484KB)

1011: Chris Hajzler
Expropriation of Foreign Direct Investments: Sectoral Patterns from 1993 to 2006 (PDF 499KB).

1010: Viktoria Kahui
Economic incentives for Hooker's sea lion bycatch in New Zealand (PDF unavailable).

1009: David Fielding
Inertia and Herding in Humanitarian Aid Decisions (PDF, 199KB).

1008:Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Giving to Africa and Perceptions of Poverty (PDF, 178KB).

1007: Nicholas King, P. Dorian Owen and Rick Audas
Playoff Uncertainty, Match Uncertainty and Attendance at Australian National Rugby League Matches (PDF, 366KB).

1006: Ofra Golan, Paul Hansen, Giora Kaplan and Orna Tal
Health Technology Prioritisation: Which criteria for prioritising new technologies, and what are their relative weights? (PDF, 226KB).

1005: P. Dorian Owen
Measuring Parity in Sports Leagues with Draws: Further Comments (PDF, 138KB).

1004: Svetlana Andrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos O. Demetriades and David Fielding
The African Credit Trap (PDF, 350KB).

1003: David Fielding and Anja Shortland
What Explains Changes in the Level of Abuse Against Civilians during the Peruvian Civil War? (PDF, 282KB).

1002: Daniel Farhat
Capital Accumulation, Non-traded Goods and International Macroeconomic Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firms (PDF, 514KB).

1001: Willie Lahari
Permanent and Transitory Shocks among Pacific Island Economies - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union (PDF, 1.2MB).

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2009 Economics Discussion Paper Series

0911: Onur Koska
A Model of Competition Between Multinational Firms (PDF, 358KB).

0910: Onur Koska
Foreign Direct Investment For Sale (PDF, 350KB).

0909: Daniel Farhat
Endogenous Labor Supply, Heterogeneous Firms and International Business Cycles (PDF, 608KB).

0908: P. Dorian Owen
Limitations of the relative standard deviation of win percentages for measuring competitive balance in sports leagues (PDF, 125KB).

0907: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Does trust extend beyond the village? Experimental trust and social distance in Cameroon (PDF, 281KB).

0906: Jan-Jan Soon
When do students intend to return? Determinants of students' return intentions using a multinomial logit model (PDF, 199KB).

0905: Niven Winchester and Raymond T. Stefani
An innovative approach to National Football League standings using optimal bonus points (PDF, 254KB).

0904: V. Kahui and C. W. Armstrong
Comment: The Economics of Interdependent Renewable and Non-renewable Resources revisited (PDF available on request from the authors).

0903:Liam J. A. Lenten and Niven Winchester
Optimal Bonus Points in the Australian Football League (PDF, 248KB).

0902: Panicos Demetriades and David Fielding
Information, Institutions and Banking Sector Development in West Africa (PDF, 224KB).

0901: Libertad González and Tarja Viitanen
The Long Term Effects of Legalizing Divorce on Children (PDF, 211KB).

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2008 Economics Discussion Paper Series

0812: John Ballingall and Niven Winchester
Food miles: Starving the poor? (PDF, 197KB).

0811: Stephen Knowles and P. Dorian Owen
Which Institutions are Good for Your Health? The Deep Determinants of Comparative Cross-country Health Status (PDF, 375KB).

0810: Angus Charteris and Niven Winchester
Dairy disaggregation and joint production in an economy-wide model (PDF, 264KB).

0809: David Fielding
Health Aid and Governance in Developing Countries (PDF, 177KB).

0808: Alvin Etang
Modelling the Effects of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Survey Trust: Empirical Evidence from Cameroon (PDF, 192KB).

0807: David Fielding
Inflation Volatility and Economic Development: Evidence from Nigeria (PDF, 184KB).

0806: Jan-Jan Soon
The determinants of international students' return intention (PDF, 171KB).

0805: Willie Lahari, Alfred A. Haug and Arlene Garces-Ozanne
Estimating quarterly GDP Data for the South Pacific Island Nations (PDF, 316KB).

0804: Kevin Duncan, Peter Philips and Mark Prus
The Union Threat Effect in Construction: An Illustration with Data from Plumber and Pipefitter Union Locals (PDF not available).

0803: Ngo Van Long and Frank Stähler
A Contest Model of Liberalizing Government Procurements (PDF, 166KB).

0802: Arlene Ozanne and Phyll Esplin
To work or not to work ... that is the question: A classroom experiment on how the labour market operates (PDF unavailable).

0801: Niven Winchester
Is there a dirty little secret? Non-tariff barriers and the gains from trade (PDF, 226KB).