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Professor Paul Hansen

Hansen2018BCom PGDipCom (Otago) MEc (ANU) PhD (Otago)

Tel: +64 3 479 8547
Room 527, 5th Floor, Otago Business School

Paul works mainly in areas related to priority-setting and resource allocation, especially in the health sector.

The co-inventor of 1000Minds software (see below), Paul is very interested in working with other researchers and students to apply 1000Minds to a wide variety of decision-making problems.

Paul also helped start, a global online-learning platform.

Paul's teaching includes intermediate microeconomics and health economics.

Paul's CV

Paul Hansen's CV

1000Minds software

1000Minds is an online suite of tools and processes to help individuals and groups with their Decision-Making, and also for understanding people’s preferences via Conjoint Analysis (Choice Modelling).

As well as business and government clients, 1000Minds is used for research and teaching at more than 250 universities and other organisations worldwide. Over 800 papers and research projects, including more than 150 Masters and PhDs, reference 1000Minds. 

Visit the 1000minds website to learn more, including to create a user account and for potential research projects and also teaching resources.

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Paul’s public profile

Selected publications

Take a look at Paul’s publications:

“How significant are ‘high’ correlations between EQ-5D value sets?” (with F Ombler, M Albert), Medical Decision Making, 2018, early online version.

“Discovery, research, and development of new antibiotics: the WHO priority list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and tuberculosis” (with E Tacconelli et al and the WHO Pathogens Priority List working group), The Lancet Infectious Diseases 18, 2018, 318-27.

“Determining criteria and weights for prioritizing health technologies based on the preferences of the general population: A New Zealand pilot study” (with T Sullivan), Value in Health 20, 2017, 679-686.

“A tool for measuring SMEs’ reputation, engagement and goodwill: A New Zealand exploratory study” (with R Whiting, A Sen), Journal of Intellectual Capital 18, 2017, 170-188.

“Innovation in start-ups: Ideas filling the void or ideas devoid of resources and capabilities?” (with A Paradkar, J Knight), Technovation 41, 2015, 1-10.

Developing countries in need: Which characteristics appeal most to people when donating money?” (with N Kergozou, S Knowles, P Thorsnes), Journal of Development Studies, 50, 2014, 1494-1509.

"Which health technologies should be funded? A prioritization framework based explicitly on value for money" (with O Golan), Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 1, 2012, 44.

"A new process for creating points systems for prioritising patients for elective health services" (with A Hendry, R Naden, F Ombler & R Stewart), Clinical Governance: An International Journal 17, 2012, 200-209.

"A preference-based approach to deriving breeding objectives: applied to sheep
(with T Byrne, P Amer, P Fennessy & B Wickham), Animal 6, 2012, 778-88.

"Health technology prioritization: Which criteria for prioritizing new technologies and
what are their relative weights?"
(with O Golan, G Kaplan & O Tal), Health Policy 102, 2011, 126-35.

"A new method for scoring multi-attribute value models using pairwise rankings of alternatives" (with F Ombler), Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 15, 2008, 87-107.

"A 'new and improved' EQ-5D valuation questionnaire? Results from a pilot study" (with N Devlin, P Herbison & S Macran), The European Journal of Health Economics 6, 2005, 73-82.

Keeping Economics Real: New Zealand Economic Issues (edited with A King), Auckland: Pearson, 2004, 215 pp.

"Logical inconsistencies in survey respondents' health state valuations - a methodological challenge for estimating social tariffs" (with N Devlin, P Kind & A Williams), Health Economics 12, 2003, 529-44.

"Another graphical proof of Arrow's Impossibility Theorem", Journal of Economic Education, 33, 2002, 217-35 (PDF, 934k).

"Health care expenditure and GDP: panel data unit root test results - comment", (with A King), Journal of Health Economics, 17, 1998, 377-81.

"The determinants of health care expenditure: a cointegration approach", (with A King), Journal of Health Economics, 15, 1996, 127-37.

"Inference on productivity differentials in multi-sector models of economic growth", (with R Alexander and D Owen), Journal of Development Economics, 51, 1996, 315-25.

"Uncertain income, uncertain taxes and Ricardian equivalence", Bulletin of Economic Research,48, 1996, 317-28.

Teaching responsibilities

Paul’s teaching responsibilities include: