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Overseas Trained Teachers Support (OTTs with provisional certification)

In light of likely ongoing, and variable, lockdown restrictions,
OTT Workshop 2 (term 2) will run on scheduled dates, however they will be an online Zoom hui, 9am - 12:30pm. Enrolled participants will receive a confirmation email one week beforehand that will include the Zoom link and other details. Scroll down for details.
OTT Workshop 3 (term 3) will run on scheduled dates. Decisions about whether these will run face to face or via zoom will be made later in term 2. Scroll down for details.

Please assist us in finding OTTs so we can provide workshops in the most suitable locations. If you haven’t already registered as an OTT with us please do so here.

Information regarding OTT PLD opportunities:

Target audience - OTTs working towards gaining full certification, teaching in schools (teaching years 1-13)

To assist OTTs (and their mentors) in tailoring their I & M programme to focus on teaching in the New Zealand context we are offering in 2020:

  • An Overseas Trained Teacher Introduction to Teaching in Aotearoa/New Zealand Day
  • A series of 3 targeted nationwide workshops (dates and venues to be confirmed soon)
  • A series of online PLD modules (e PCT)
  • Forums that focus on key aspects of teaching in the New Zealand context including subject specific PLD for Primary and Secondary Learning areas.

OTT workshops

All of our workshops are designed to make the most of the knowledge and experience OTTs bring to teaching in Aotearoa/New Zealand and are structured to include as many opportunities for participants to share learning and resources and network with each other.

The flyer that outlines dates and locations for workshops 1,2 and 3 is available here.
Please click here to register.

Venues for  workshop three.

OTT Workshop 1 (term 1, 2020) Te Reo, Tikanga Māori and Culturally Responsive Teaching (completed for 2020)

This workshop focussed on Tikanga, Te Reo Māori and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

Te Reo Māori
Introductory level phrases and vocabulary
Correct pronunciation
Introduce yourself using Te Reo Māori

Tikanga Māori
Introduction to Te Āo Māori (The Māori World)
Gain an understanding of Māori cultural concepts & protocols as they relate to the school setting

Culturally Responsive Teaching Practice
What is it?
How does it impact on my practice?
What support resources are available to me?
Next steps in growing cultural competence.

OTT Workshop 2 (term 2) Developing Understanding of the NZC

This workshop recognises the skills the OTTs bring to the NZ Education System. It aims to develop their understanding of the nature of education in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the New Zealand Curriculum.

NZC – the essence of the document
Vision, values, principles and key competencies,
An overview of the learning areas
What do these elements look like in your school?
The role and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

Effective pedagogy
Creating a supportive learning environment
Engaging reflective thought and action
Enhancing the relevance of new learning
Facilitating shared learning
Making connections to prior learning and experience
Providing sufficient opportunities to learn

Teaching as Inquiry
Links to Teaching as Inquiry with the student at the centre
Naturally occurring evidence for the Standards for the Teaching Profession

Progress and Achievement
Formative and summative assessment practices
Introduction to assessment tools according to Primary/Secondary contexts (including PACT, the learning progressions and NCEA, NMSSA data and Insights Reports)
Resources to support special education and the needs of diverse students

OTT Workshop 3 (term 3) Delving Deeper: Design for Learning and the NZC

This workshop aims to develop OTT’s understanding of the NZC and supporting documents; Tātaiko, Tapasā and the Local Curriculum Guides. It delves into the ‘back half’ of the document and provides support for teachers to develop teaching and learning programmes by examining the relationship between the concepts in the front and the objectives at the back. This approach develops a curriculum that is localized and puts the student at the centre.

Unpacking Tātaiako, Tapasā & Teaching as Inquiry (TaI) in more depth
Unpacking Tātaiako and Tapasā
The links to Teaching as Inquiry and the connections between teacher practice and the Standards for the Teaching Profession

Unpacking Planning - links to curriculum
Connections to the Key Competencies
Exploring and developing the NZC, starting with a Māori lens via Tātaiako
Exploring and developing the NZC, incorporating a Pasifika lens via Tapasā
Assessment; exploring the variety of assessment procedures and tasks available, focusing first on the primary purpose of assessment
Assessment for learning and indicators of progress

Localising your curriculum
Exploring resources to support a localized curriculum i.e. TKI, ePCT modules, Local Curriculum Guides and Te Takanga o te Wā and making the learning and assessment authentic


Our online, electronic modules, provide self-selected PLD that OTTs can work through individually, with other OTTs and/or alongside their Mentor.

Our OTT specific online courses include:

  • An Introduction to Te Reo Māori
  • An Introduction to Tikanga Māori
  • An Introduction to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Gaining a Full Practicing Certificate and
  • Developing an Understanding of the NZC

Click here for information on how to enrol and access the modules.

OTT Forums

Our online forums are based on a variety of topics and offer the chance for OTTs to experience a presentation made by one of our facilitators and then continue their learning through online discussions. Information about forums will be available soon.

Email if you have any questions.