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PGCertTchg, PGDipTchg, MTchg, MEd students: Picking papers in eVision

When you attempt to pick a paper in eVision the registration system checks your Otago academic record against that paper’s pre-requisites. Nearly all of our papers have a pre-requisite 54 or 72 300-level EDUX or EDUC points in the university regulations. We waive this, however, for students who have been admitted to our postgraduate programmes. The majority of our students have gained entry via a different study pathway and/or may have come from different tertiary institutions.

If the check against your academic record doesn’t find that pre-requisite of Otago 300-level papers, the system will not allow you to pick them and you will get a pop-up message saying that you do not have the pre-requisites and must request Special Permission to do them. It is, unfortunately, the computer logic of the current system, and it will affect just about everybody doing our postgraduate papers.

This is not a barrier to you picking your papers.

  • If you haven’t been able to choose any papers or only some of them, you need to hit the “Submit selections” button.
  • Then on the next page hit the “Confirm papers” button. This should get you through to a page where there is an option to review your selection and ask for special permission for papers.
  • When requesting Special Permission you simply need to list the paper codes of the papers.

If you continue to have problems, the University Information Centre do the technical support for eVision. Give them a ring on 0800 80 80 98 and they will be able to talk you through the process.