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How many bottles since then? In how many glasses, how many bottles had he hidden himself... perhaps, in one of those lost or broken bottles lay, forever, the solitary clue to his identity?UTV, 292-93.
'Moctezuma … Dos Equis.'
'Or is it Montezuma?'
'Moctezuma on the bottle.'
'That's all he is now.'
UTV, 302.

The confusion arises form a discussion in Prescott, History of the Conquest of Mexico II.v.164, about the spelling of the Aztec emperor's name; but also from the fact that while 'Moctezuma' is a brand of beer the 'Dos Equis' ("XX") variety has an image of Moctezuma on its label.

Dr Arturo Díaz Vigil pushed the bottle of Anís del Mono over to M. Jacques LaruelleUTV, 10.

… a tall voluted bottle of Anís del MonoUTV, 338.

Anisado is a clear licorice-flavoured liquor made in Badalona, Spain (Vincente Bosch & Co.); the Companion (10.1) wrongly states "Barcelona".

Detail of anisado bottle
Detail of beer bottle


I always keep a bottle of something in the car for an emergency ... No. Not Scotch. Irish. Burke's Irish. Have a nip? But perhaps you'd – '
'Ah ...' The Consul was taking a long draught. 'Thanks a million.'
'Go ahead ... Go ahead ...'
UTV, 85.

Images courtesy of Andy Smith.

Johnnie Walkers. – UTV, 21.

A 1938 advertisement for Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky recalls the "erect manly carriage" [17] of the Taskerson boys; the Consul feels the need to maintain this posture in moments of particular inebriation.