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Mr Firmin's sensational new data on Atlantis! The most extraordinary thing of its kind since Donnelly. ... UTV, 91.

Ignatius L. Donnelly (1831-1901), lawyer, politician. and writer, is described by his editor Egerton Sykes as "a great liberal mind, an impassioned champion of the eternal virtues, and the founder of the modern science of Atlantology." Donnelly took Plato's account of Atlantis seriously and attempted to establish that all known ancient civilizations were descended from its high Neolithic culture.

I might even work in something on Coxcox and Noah. UTV, 91.

The Consul is alluding to the chapter in Donnelly's Atlantis entitled "The Deluge Legends of the Americas," where accounts of the Flood (the story of Noah, Genesis 6-8) and the various deluge legends of Central America.

The Consul's interest in Atlantis (and also alchemy) is an occult and mystical one. He dreams of assembling from the ruins of a rediscovered Atlantis the secret knowledge which can lead to spiritual perfection: in practice, he finds only disaster.

Above: Donnelly's map showing the assumed position of Atlantis. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, New York: Steiner Books, 1971.

Donnelly, p. 99, cites the story of Coxcox, "the Noah of the Mexican cataclysm," who saved himself and his wife Zochiquetzal on a raft, pictured below.