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Honorary Fellow, English Dept, (2011-)

Research Grants

Claude McCarthy Fellowship, awarded by the NZV-CC, 2009, for research assistance in 2010 for completing my edition of Milton's De Doctrina Christiana, for the Oxford University Press series, The Complete Works of Milton.

Research Publications

Cover of John Hale's book. Image by Dunedin cariacaturist Murray Webb.

Recent Essays

  • "The Problems and Opportunities of Editing De Doctrina Christiana," in Milton Quarterly 44. 1 (2010), 38-46.
  • "Notes on the Value and Functions of Titles," in Cuadernos de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana 12. 1-2 (2009), 23-34
  • "Thomas Hobbes's Poem of Exile: the Verse Vita and Ovid's Tristia 4. 10", in Scholia n. s. 17 (2008), 1-14.


  • Hale, J.K. Milton and the Manuscript of De Doctrina Christiana (with Gordon Campbell, Thomas Corns and Fiona Tweedie): Oxford. Oxford University Press (2007). 192 pp. This monograph won the James Holly Hanford Award of the Milton Society of America for the "Most Distinguished book on John Milton Published in 2007".
  • Hale, J.K. Milton as Multilingual: Selected Essays 1982-2004 (February 2005) Otago Studies in English 8, 302 pp.
  • Hale, J. K. Milton's Cambridge Latin. Performing in the Genres 1625-1632. Phoenix, MRTS (2005) 306 pp.
  • Hale, J.K. John Milton. Latin Writings. A Selection, edited and translated by John K. Hale. Assen, van Gorcum (1998); with Phoenix, MRTS (1999). 250 pp. ISBN 90 232 3374 3 [Reviewed in Milton Quarterly (USA) and Lees (Netherlands).]
  • Hale, J.K. Milton's Languages. The Impact of Multilingualism on Style. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (1997). 258 pp. ISBN 0 521 58353 5
    [Reviewed in: The Times Literary Supplement, Modern Languages Review, Review of English Studies, Essays in Criticism, Parergon, Poetry in Translation, Les Etudes Classiques (France), Literary Imagination (USA/Canada) etc.]
  • Hale, J.K. The Shakespeare of the Comedies: A Multiple Approach. Berne, Peter Lang AG (1996) 201 pp.
  • Hale, J.K. (ed). Sonnets of Four Centuries 1500-1900: An Anthology for Students of English Literature, Otago Studies in English II. Dunedin, Department of English (1992) 188 pp.

Chapters in Books

  • 'The Classical Literary Tradition' in A Companion to Milton, Thomas N. Corns ed., Basil Blackwell (2001) 122-36.
  • Hale, J.K. 'The Roles of Latinism in Paradise Lost.' In English Literature and the 'Other' Languages. Ton Honselaars and Marius Buning ed. Amsterdam, Rodopi (1999), 41-50.
  • Hale, J.K. 'Milton and the Rationale of Insulting.' In Milton and Heresy. Stephen B. Dobranski and John P. Rumrich ed. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (1998) 159-75.
    The volume as a whole won the Milton Society of America's 'Best Collection' award (1999).Hale, J.K. 'Milton's Multiple Simile, Paradise Lost I. 283-313.' In World and Stage. Essays for Colin Gibson. Greg Waite, Jocelyn Harris, Heather Murray and John Hale ed. University of Otago (1998) 197-206.
  • Hale, J.K. 'The Pre-criticism of Milton's Latin Verse.' In Of Poetry and Politics: New Essays on Milton and His World. Paul Stanwood ed. State University of New York, MRTS (1995)
  • Hale, J.K. 'Why did Milton Translate Psalms 80-88 in April 1648?' In The English Renaissance and Reformation: Literature, Politics, and Religion, special issue of Literature and History. John N. King ed. Manchester, Manchester University Press (1994) 55-62
  • Hale, J.K. 'Multilingual Milton and the Italian Journey.' In Milton in Italy: Contexts, Images, Contradictions. Mario Di Cesare ed. Binghamton, MRTS (1991) 549-72
  • Hale, J.K. 'Translating a World Classic: the Personal Factor in Renderings of Paradise Lost.' In Literature in Translation. Pramod Talgeri ed. Delhi, Nehru University Press (1988) 92-102
  • Hale, J.K. 'Milton's Poems in Greek.' In The Interpretative Power. C.A. Gibson ed. Dunedin, English Department (1980) 35-45.

Contributions to Journals

  • Hale, J.K. 'Neo-Latin Polemic in the 1650s: Milton versus Salmasius and Others.' Classical and Modern Literature 21.1 (2001): 1-23
  • Hale, J.K. 'Milton and the Gunpowder plot: In Quintum Novembris reconsidered.' Humanistica Lovaniensia: Journal of Neo-Latin Studies 50 (2001): 351-66
  • Hale, J.K. 'Milton on the Style Best for Historiography.' Prose Studies 23.3 (2000): 63-76
  • Hale, J.K. 'Notes on Milton's Greek', Milton Quarterly 34.1 13-16 (2000)
  • Hale, J.K. 'John Milton's Student Career and the University of Melbourne Cambridge Collection' University of Melbourne Library Journal 5.1 17-20 (1999)
  • Hale, J.K. 'Did Milton Really Ridicule Plato's Theory of Ideal Forms in De Idea Platonica?', in Humanistica Lovaniensia (University of Louvain) 47: 332-349 (1998)
  • Hale, J.K. 'Milton Meditates the Ode.' Classical and Modern Literature 16.4: 341-58 (1997) This essay was awarded the Milton Society of America's James Holly Hanford prize for 'The most distinguished essay on John Milton published in 1997'.
  • In 'Milton and De Doctrina Christiana', by Gordon Campbell, Thomas N. Corns, John K. Hale, David Holmes and Fiona Tweedie. Milton Quarterly 31: 67-121 (1997)
  • Hale, J.K. 'Voicing Milton's God', in AUMLA 88: 31-44 (November 1997)
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  • Hale, J.K. 'Thomas Bentley to Dr Pearce: New Light on Richard Bentley's Edition of Paradise Lost.' Turnbull Library Record 14.1: 23-31 (1981)

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