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English Theses (1954-present)

The following list of theses is not complete, and is compiled primarily from the Department's collection. Copies of many, plus an extensive collection of dissertations written in lieu of one paper for the BA Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, and former MA programmes, are housed in the Department of English and Linguistics Department and may be viewed by arrangement with the department's administrator. Copies of all MA and PhD theses are also housed in the University Library and a number of those recently completed can be found online through the University's research repository, OUR Archive. Theses which are currently being examined have not been included. For theses from the Linguistics programme, see the Linguistics past theses webpage.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

(2019) Dobson, Judith. "Literary Sophias: The Esoteric Female in Romanticism."

(2019) Gibson, Damien. "Becoming-mystic. The posthuman in contemporary fiction".

(2018) Why, Loveday. "A Poetics of Water: Cross-Cultural Ecopoetics in a Crisis World.”

(2017) Edmeades, Lynley. "The Hear and Now: Sound and Technology in the Avant-Garde Poetics of Stein, Cage and Bergvall."

(2017) Lesser, Jared. "Esprit de Corps[e]: Joyce, Ulysses, and the Body."

(2017) Hirt, Aindrias. "The Songs of Fionn mac Cumhaill: An Historical and Musicological Analysis of Indo-European Musical Poetics in Ireland, Scotland and Nova Scotia."

(2016) Matthews, Sharon. "The Monstrous Mother and the 'natural man': Mythic Figures and Recurring Metaphors in the Plays of James K. Baxter."

(2016) Stone, Alison. "Screening the Stage: Film Adaptations of Shakespeare that Originate on Stage 1995-2015."

(2016) Haggart, Kerri. "Bloom's Situated Mind in James Joyce's Ulysses: Decoding Character in a Social Storyworld."

(2016) Phillips, Holly. "Samuel Beckett and the Emergence of the Nominalist Ethic."

(2015) Vallelly, Neil. "Being-in-Light at the Early Modern and Reconstructed Theatres."

(2015) McDaid, Ailbhe. "'Neither here nor there, and therefore home': A Poetics of Migration in Contemporary Irish Poetry."

(2015) Cook, Ashley. "Fin de Siecle Fairy Tales 1888-1911."

(2013) Vali, Abid. "Transnational Collaborations in Modernism: Swami and Yeats, Fenollosa and Pound."

(2013) Dale, Catherine. "The Problem of Antonin Artaud: Thought, Metaphysics, Body, Theatre."

(2013) McGonigle, Lisa. "Post-Catholic Ireland in Literature and Popular Culture."

(2013) Tan, Yanwei. "Weaving the Past into an Unfolding Present: Subject Formation in the Māori Novel."

(2013) Mathews, Cy. "Playing Games with Kenneth Koch: Poetry, Collaboration, Pedagogy."

(2011) Towl, Elizabeth. "Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth-Century Middle English Marian Devotional Texts: An Edition and Study."

(2011) Hassan, Ann. "Geoffrey Hill's Speech! Speech!: An Annotated Edition."

(2011) Cop, Michael. "Biblical Harmonies in Seventeenth-Century English Verse."

(2011) Scherer, Ulrike. "'Dream not of Other Worlds': Re-imagining Milton's Paradise Lost in Fantasy Fiction."

(2011) Scott, Corey. "Citings/Sightings: The Media & The Myth of Janet Frame."

(2011) Wyvill, Carol. "The Myrrour or glasse of Christes passion (part 1): a critical edition."

(2011) Young, Joseph. "Secondary Worlds in Pre-Tolkienian Fantasy Fiction."

(2011) Carter, Josie. "A Time for Ethics: Janet Frame and W. G. Sebald."

(2011) MacDonald, Neale. "Flourishing as Productive Paradox in Mary Oliver's Poetry."

(2010) Dulgar, Peter. "New Flesh on Long Bones: Temporality in the Filmic Adaptation of Short Fiction."

(2008) Fernandez, Marcel. "Borges and Pragmatism: Jorge Louis Borges, William James and the Destruction of Philosophy." (Marcel's thesis was deemed a Humanities Thesis of Exceptional Quality.)

(2008) McLean, Karen. "Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Use of Platonic and Neoplatonic Theories of Evil and Creation."

(2007) Learmonth, Nicola. "Definitions of Obedience in Paradise Regained."

(2007) Trotman, Tiffany. "Eduardo Mendoza's Ceferino Series: Spanish Crime Fiction and the Carnivalesque."

(2006) Anderson, Joan. "Lest We Lose Our Eden: Jessie Kesson and the Question of Gender."

(2006) Caulton, Andrew. "Vladimir Nabokov: 1938. The Artistic Response to Tyranny."

(2006) Liebert, Elizabeth. "Speaking Selves: Dialogue and Identity in Milton's Major Poems."

(2003) Kuzma, Julian. "Landscape, Literature and Identity: New Zealand Late Colonial Literature as Environmental Text, 1890-1921."

(2003) Procter, Lesley. "Finding 'the woman / I needed to call my mother': Rosamund Lehmann, Anne Sexton and Robin Morgan Re-write the Mother-Daughter Relationship."

(2003) Reeve, Richard. "Sein-Language: A Hermeneutic of New Zealand Poetic Reality."

(2002) Finney, Margaret. "Rhetorics of Transgression and Compliance in the Autobiographical Writing of Jean Rhys, Anaïs Nin, and Gertrude Stein."

(2002) Marr, Lisa. "History from the Poet's Hand: Thomas Flanagan's The Year of the French."

(2000) Benson, Dale. "A World Like This: Existentialism in New Zealand Literature."

(2000) Henderson-Clark, Nicholas. "'Personal History' and the Changing Vision of the Victorian Middle-Class Family in Charles Dickens."

(1999) Hashim, Ruzy. "Out of the Shadows: A Multidisciplinary Study of Women in Selected Malay Court Narratives."

(1999) Ho, Imran Abdullah. "A Usage-type Analysis of Three Prepositions: at, in and on in a Corpus of Written Malaysian English."

(1999) McDonald, Fiona. "A Critical Edition of Thomas Middleton's Hengist, King of Kent."

(1999) Ruckstuhl, Katharina. "The Globe Theatre, Dunedin 1957-1973."

(1998) Barringer, Tessa Rose. "A Spiralled Be(com)ing: Language, Subjectivity and the Impossibility of Meaning in the Early Works of Janet Frame."

(1998) Yoshimura, Kimihiro. "Middle Constructions in English."

(1998) Sambamoorthy, Ahila. "The Fantastic as a Creative Method in Selected Works of Janet Frame."

(1996) Burgess, Nan. "Looking into the Depths: Dimensions of Spirituality in the New Zealand Short Story."

(1996) Devereux, Janice. "An Edition of Luke Shepherd's Satires."

(1993) Laws, Anne Jennifer. "Gender and Genre in the Poems of Sidney, Spenser and Shakespeare."

(1993) McGregor, Rick. "Per Olof Sundman and the Icelandic Sagas: A Study of Narrative Method."

(1993) Sneyd, Catherine. "Aphra Behn: Feminine, Feminist or Female Writer."

(1991) Andrew, Martin. "The Imprisoned Woman in English Renaissance Drama from Kyd to Shirley."

(1992) Murray, Heather M. "Ruth France and the Male Monolith."

(1990) Ash, Susan. "Narrating a Female (Subject)ivity: Katherine Mansfield, Robin Hyde, Janet Frame, Keri Hulme."

(1989) Cooper, Annabel. "Essential Criticism: The Constructing of Women in Love."

(1989) Harding, B. E. "Lawless Lands: Violent Crime, Social Deviance & the 'Lapsarian' attack on respectability in Selected Australian and New Zealand Fiction, 1829-1984."

(1988) Durrant, Martin. "The Ethical Function of Literature in the Criticism of Northrop Frye."

(1988) Ojimah, Umelo R. "Post-Colonial Tensions in a Cross-Cultural Milieu: A Comparative Study of the Writings of Witi Ihimaera and Chinua Achebe."

(1987) O'Brien, Brian. "Dialogue and Didacticism: The Influence of Lucian on the Fictional Works of Sir Thomas More and Erasmus."

(1987) Sinclair, John. "T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets and the Mediaeval Mind."

(1986) Matthewson, Claire C. "From Subject to Device: History as Myth in Action. The Evolution of Event from Mythic Processes as Revealed in Waterfront Dispute Fiction."

(1983) Beckingham, Cushla Rose. "'One Great Network': The Family as an Environmental Influence in the Prose Works of Thomas Hardy."

(1983) Gordon, Briar E. R. "Four Lollard Dialogues: An Edition with Commentary."

(1975) Thomson, J. E. P. "The Novels of Ann Radcliffe."

(1972) Watson, J. L. "The Development of Figurative Methods in the Language of Charles Dickens."

(1972) White, Helen C. "Narrative Coherence and Dramatic Unity Studied in Three Shakespearean Tragedies and Their Plot Sources."

(1970) Harty, Lenore. "Andreas Saga Postola [Edition]."

(1962) Gibson, Colin. "The Roman Actor: A Critical Edition."

Master of Literature (MLitt)

(1996) Linklater, David. "Thomas Hardy's Christian World View."

(1994) Bourke, John. "Memory and Exile in the Plays of Alan Bennett."

(1993) Beresford, Laura. "Ides, aglaec-wif: Readings of Female Characters in Selected Old English Verse with Reference to the Position of Women in Anglo-Saxon Society."

(1990) McDonald, A. A. "The Jacobean Revival and the New Jacobean Dramatists in the British Theatre: 1960-1989."

(1989) Kelly, G. "Völsa Tháttr: An Edition."

(1988) Gaze, A. P. A. "Anglican Clergymen in George Eliot's Fiction."

(1987) Speirs, Jillian. "The Underworld Journey Motif in the Odyssey, the Aeneid, the Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost."

(1980) Cameron, Margaret T. "A Fairly Honourable Defeat: Necessity and Contingency in Iris Murdoch's Novels."

(1977) Gillies, Susan. "Investigation and the Investigator: A Select Study of the Mystery Stories Written by Wilkie Collins."

(1976) Chapman, Ruth. "'The Body-and-Soul Murdering System': A Select Study of the Interventionist Novelist's Response to the Factory System, 1840-1854, with Special Reference to the Relationship between Realism and Melodrama."

(1976) Fraser, Nicola. "Exploration of the Inner Life: The Influence of James Joyce and Katherine Mansfield on the Early Work of Virginia Woolf."

(1976) Barwell, Graham. "An Edition of Sörla Tháttr."

(1974) Winton, Sandra M. "Herbert and His Reader."

(1972) Borrell, Marion F. "Novels of Provincial Life by George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, Mrs Gaskell, and Mrs Oliphant."

(1972) Parker, John F. "Milton, Prophecy, and History."

(1972) Hay, R. J. "Patterns of Judgement: The Rhetoric of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy."

(1970) Manhire, W. "Hrómundar Tháttr Halta: A Critical Edition."

Master of Arts (MA)

(2018) Connor, Rachel: 'Troy' and 'Trouthe' in the Troilus and Criseyde Stories of Chaucer, Henryson, and Shakespeare.

(2018) Tregonning, James: “God in the Machine: Depicting Religion in Video Games.”

(2018) Sutherland, Iain: “The Reception of Sean O’Casey’s early Works in New Zealand (1924-47): a Social, Cultural, and Political Reading of the Archive.”

(2018) Yu, Xiaoxi (Eileen): “The Window in Woolf’s Early Novels.”

(2018) Hodgkinson, Monique. "Painted Poetry and Cross-Medium Collaboration in 20th Century Aotearoa New Zealand."

(2018) Trainor, Oliver.  "Death and Capitalism in Don DeLillo's White Noise: Engagements with contemporary debates in accelerationism."

(2017) Lovelock, Millicent.  "You & I: One Direction, Fans and the Co-Construction of Identity."

(2016) Hume, Samuel. "Of Beauty and Its Other: Janet Frame's Ethical Aesthetics."

(2016) Norrie, Aidan. "'Never mistake a civic pageant for King Lear' – Child Actors’ Skill in Elizabethan Civic Entertainments."

(2016) Real, Julian. "The Effeminate Prodigal."

(2015) Paterson, Sarah. "'Dirt, And Spit, And Poetry': The Changing Shape Of Kathleen Jamie’s Writing."

(2014) Scanlan, Genevieve. "'she who connects': Unity of Self & World in the Novels of Robin Hyde."

(2014) Dobson, Judith. "'his own Divided Image': The Gnostic Female in William Blake's The Book of Thel & Europe - A Prophecy."

(2014) Macklin, Ruth. "Redress Redress as a Construct in Seamus Heaney's Poetry and Prose."

(2014) Watson, Bradley. "Renegotiating Pacific Stereotypes."

(2013) Guha, Rajdeep. "Family Relationships in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss."

(2013) Davis, Alexander. "A Very Mobile Meal: The evolution of Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast."

(2013) Edmeades, Lynley. "As I Exemplifly: An Examination of the Musical-Literary Relationship in the Work of John Cage."

(2013) Tierney, Orchid. "Rewiring the Avant-Gardes: Brian Kim Stefans's Digital Poetics."

(2013) Fleming, Joan. "'You can of course keep shaking the box': Errant Versioning and Textual Motion in the Iterations of Anne Carson."

(2013) Kennerley, Philippa. "'We always know when we are acting wrong': Performance and Theatricality in Jane Austen's Work."

(2012) Matthews, Sharon. "Recasting the Feminine: Archetypes and Archetypal Figures of the Female in Two Plays by James K. Baxter."

(2012) Tedeschi, Anthony. "The Kiwi Collector and Dr Johnson."

(2011) Lyttleton, Helen. "Representations of Love and Desire in Jane Campion's films."

(2011) Stone, Alison. "Clowning in Shakespeare."

(2011) Haynes, Poppy. "The Two-Faced Trope: Prosopopoeia in Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood and Louise Glück."

(2011) Kitching, Megan. "The Philosophical Traveller as Social Critic in Oliver Goldsmith's The Traveller, The Deserted Village and The Citizen of the World."

(2011) Manning, Hannah. "The Effect of Bad Parents, Emotional Deprivation and Shame on Adolescent Characters in the Works of Alan Duff."

(2010) Idrus, Febriani. "'Dragons Are Not Universal': Explorations of Race and Otherness in The Lord of The Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia."

(2010) Crawford, Marie Joy.  "Temptation, Fall, Decline and Death: The Representation of the Fallen Woman in Adam Bede and David Copperfield."

(2009) Bond, Leonard. "Evaluating adaptation in the world of 007."

(2009) Lamb, Lynda. "Translation Technique and the Moral Theme: Gregory I's Libellus Responsionum in Book III of the Old English Bede."

(2009) Large, David. "The Tragedy of Idealism: Borges and the road to Tlön."

(2008) Hallum, Kirby-Jane. "The Relationship between Cultural Capital and Masculine Identity in The Woman in White and The Portrait of a Lady."

(2008) Johnson, Bronwyn. "Performing Magic: the Magus, the Devil and the Early Modern Crisis of Vision."

(2007) Brown-Haysom, Ryan. "Saracens and the Problem of 'Sameness' in Middle-English Verse Romance."

(2007) Colhoun, Sarah. "Retraction: Chaucer's Penitential Response."

(2007) Gorringe, Karl. "Samurai Lear? The Cross-Cultural Intertextuality of Akira Kurosawa's Ran."

(2007) Scherer, Ulrike. "Images of Masculinity in Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon: A Feminist's Quest for New Arthurian 'Heroes'?"

(2007) Ringland-Stewart, Francesca. "Land, Language and the Lyric Subject: The Poetry of Hone Tuwhare, Cilla McQueen and Richard Reeve."

(2006) Bennie, Michelle. "Characterisation in Barbara Anderson's Portrait of the Artist's Wife and Maurice Gee's Ellie and the Shadow Man."

(2006) Bowbyes, Anne. "Living without History: Postcolonial Settler Society in Selected Novels by Maurice Gee."

(2006) English, Chris. "Samuel Butler and the Proofs of Religious Faith."

(2006) Cop, Michael. "Milton's Use of the Synoptic Gospels in Paradise Regained."

(2006) Gurney, Shelley. "Falling from Grace: Creation and Corruption in The Silmarillion."

(2006) Halba, Hilary. "Aspects of Bicultural Theatre Praxis in Aotearoa/Te Waipounamu."

(2006) Wyvill, Carol. "Five Sixteenth-Century Devotional Texts from Anne Bulkeley's Book."

(2006) Saville, James. "The Centrality of Symbols to the Presentation of the Lyric Subject in Theodore Roethke's The Lost Son Sequence."

(2006) Knewstrubb, Bruno. "Flyting in the Alliterative Morte Darthure."

(2006) Meyer, Rosalind. "Not Heard at All: An Enquiry into Images of a Mystic Allegorical Tradition."

(2005) Cowie, Scott. "Sentence and Solaas in 'Sir Thopas' and 'Melibbe'."

(2004) Wohlers, Shane. "Paradise Transformed: Paradise Lost and the Illustrations of William Blake and John Martin."

(2004) Ross, Eleanor. "Charles Brasch, Matthew Arnold, and New Zealand Literary Culture: An Exploration of the Nature and Impact of Brasch's Tastes and Values."

(2004) Milner, Luke. "'All Shook Up': Elvis Encounters Orpheus — Constructions of a Pop Culture Mythology in Salman Rushdie's The Ground Beneath Her Feet."

(2004) Muller, Sandra. "'Reality is an activity of the most august imagination': A Comparative Study of the Poetry of Wallace Stevens and the Physics of Niels Bohr."

(2003) Anderson, Robyn. "The Decolonisation of Culture: The Trickster as Transformer in Native Canadian and Maori Fiction."

(2003) Dennison, John. "Load-Bearing Structures: Päkehä Identitiy and the Cross-cultural Poetry of James K. Baxter and Glenn Colquhoun."

(2003) Hassan, Ann. "Autobiographical Fiction: A Study of Robert Grave's Good-bye to All That and Richard Aldington's Death of a Hero."

(2003) Towl, Elizabeth. "'Thise Olde Gentil Britouns': Genre, Characterisation and Marriage in Chaucer's 'Franklin's Tale'."

(2003) Sew, Jyh Wee. "Reduplicating Nouns and Verbs in Malay: A Conceptual Analysis."

(2003) Ayers, Philippa. "Swift's Satiric Map: Charting Modern Form in Gulliver's Travels."

(2003) Ross, Emily. "Legally Wed: Case Studies of Marriage Law in Three Shakespearean Tragedies."

(2003) Ritchie, Lorraine. "Representing Ageing: An interdisciplinary Approach Using New Zealand Literature in Nurse Education."

(2002) Rahman, Farah Hanini Abdul. "The Use of Standard Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) in Carrying Out Official Duties among UNIMAS Staff — a Survey."

(2002) Bond, Penny. "'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' and the Literary Supernatural."

(2002) Hogbin, Elizabeth. "Patterns of Relativisation and Animacy in Eighteenth and Twentieth-Century Written English: an Empirical Account."

(2002) Williams, Alison. "Out with the Old and in with the New: The Role of Coleridge in Shakespeare Criticism."

(2002) Shevland, Marita. "Issues of Representation and Authenticity in the Works of Maxine Hong Kingston and Joy Kogawa."

(2001) Fletcher, Catherine. "Cracking the 'nuttis schell': A Study of Experimentation in Perspective in Morall Fabillis and The Testament of Cresseid."

(2001) Gray, Callum. "'A Dislocation between Sight and Understanding': Voyeurs and Voyeurism in the Fiction of Maurice Gee."

(2001) Hodge, Mellanie. "/ju:z/ are in the Paddock Eating Grass: A Study of the Acceptance of Grammatical Variants among Adolescents from Southland and Otago."

(2001) Sand, Cy-thea. "'Curious Artifacts': Self-representations by Gertrude Stein, Emily Carr and Rita Angus."

(2001) Pirie, Mark. "The Human Position: A Survey of Louis Johnson's Early Period 1944-1967."

(2001) McDouall, Hamish. "Second Degree Burns: A Study of Some Aspects of New Zealand Literature."

(2000) Ho, Yuk Fai (Chris). "Videographic Introspection: Hong Kong, Video and their Multiple Appearances."

(1999) Goddard, Michael. "The Scattering of Time Crystals: Deleuze, Mysticism, and Cinema."

(1999) Stratton, Janette. "The Changeable Text: Shifts in the Critical Reception of Charlotte Brontë's Villette."

(1999) O'Donnell, David. "Re-staging History: Historiographic Drama from New Zealand and Australia."

(1999) McLaughlin, Mary. "Dream Catchings: Plumblines into Three of Chaucer's Dream Vision Poems."

(1999) Leach, Katie. "A Study of the Family in New Zealand Young-Adult Fiction, 1914-1996."

(1999) Jans, Katie. "The Art of Being: Selected Motifs and Their Relation to Identity in Janet Frame's Living in the Maniototo and Keri Hulme's The Bone People."

(1999) Chamberlain, Dion. "''Tween a Brier Bush and a Rotten Kailyard': A Study of the Land in Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song."

(1998) Davies, Frances. "'Truth out of Blear Experience": The Thematic Development of Allen Curnow's Poetry 1932-39."

(1998) Davis, Holly. "Hardy and the Romantics: The Influence of Romanticism in a Selection of Hardy's Novels."

(1998) Harold, Denis. "The Dynamic of Vision and Language in the Poetry of Allen Curnow."

(1998) Scott, Lynda. "A Question of Self: Doris Lessing's Evolving Construction of Self in Selected Self-Representational Texts."

(1998) Morton, Lisa. "Dark Sisters, Fatal Attractions Down Under: A Comparative Analysis of Sweetie and Crush."

(1998) McLean, Karen. "Platonic Parallels in the Philosophical Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge."

(1997) McDonald, Robert W. "Jungle Vision(s): Medicine Man, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, The Mosquito Coast."

(1997) White, Richard. "Satire and Dickens."

(1997) Smith, J.P. "'Your Humble Sarvant': The Servant Class in Fielding and Smollett."

(1997) Anderson, Elizabeth Joan. "'... he that wynketh, when he sholde see": The Nun's Priest's World View as an Imaginative Response to the Limited World View of the Monk, in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales."

(1997) Hawes, Tara. "Childhood and Social Criticism in Selected New Zealand Fiction."

(1997) Caulton, Andrew. "Bend Sinister and Hamlet."

(1997) Madill, Bernadette M. "A Gathering of Forgers: Thomas Chatterton and the Literary Forgers of the Eighteenth Century."

(1996) Knight, Jacqueline A. "Jane Mander's Novels as Feminist Texts."

(1996) La Hood, Marie. "Masque and Masquerade, Performance and Promise: Cornwall Meets Postmodernism in New Zealand Women's Theatre."

(1996) Scarparo, Susanna. "Moments of Disruption: The Female Warrior in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and Spenser's The Faerie Queene."

(1996) McAllister, Lucy. "Poetic Response to the Visual Arts: An Analysis of New Zealand Women Poets."

(1996) Manhire, Vanessa. "Shifting Stories: Four Rogue Epistolary Texts of the Twentieth Century."

(1995) Brooke, Sebastian. "Four Early Tudor Verse Texts."

(1995) Donovan, Julia. "Changes in Direction: Jane Eyre and Feminist Criticism 1970-1990."

(1994) Burbidge, Nicholas. "Emily Dickinson's Idea of Self."

(1994) Winters, Sarah. "George Eliot: Preacher or Prophet?"

(1994) Petersen, Alice. "Borges and the Icelandic Connection."

(1994) McLay, Kirsteen. "Love and Marriage in the Novels of Margaret Oliphant."

(1993) Limbrick, Peter. "A Game of Hide and Seek: Construction of Masculinity in the Stories of Frank Sargeson."

(1992) Condie, V. "Aspects of the Crucifixion in Old English Poetry."

(1992) Webb, William W. "'And then the World is Minute and Clear': Nature, and Life, and the Memory of it in the Poetry and Prose of Elizabeth Bishop."

(1992) Wilson, Kirsten. "Innocence Restrained, and the Energy of Experience: Dickens's Moral Compromise."

(1992) MacDonald, Katherine. "Melodrama in the Novels of Edith Searle Grossman."

(1991) Benson, Dale. "Literal and Figurative Imagery in the Poems of Robert Frost."

(1991) Cheng, Lynette Heng Ngoh. "Family Life Through the Eyes of British, Malaysian and New Zealand Playwrights: A Comprehensive Study."

(1990) Henderson-Clark, N. "Emotional Landscapes in Tennyson's Poetry: A Study of the Theme of Solitude in a Selection of Narrative and Dramatic Poems."

(1990) Holmes, L. "Jean Rhys: A Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Colonial Literature."

(1989) Bremner, Eluned. "T. S. Eliot and the Quest for the Living Tradition."

(1989) Monti, Antoine G. "The Moral Functions of Unreliable Narration."

(1987) Hart, Jane. "Children in the Short Fiction of Katherine Mansfield and Janet Frame."

(1987) Murray, Heather Maynard. "The Theme of Rebellion in Katherine Mansfield's Fiction."

(1987) Laws, Ann Jennifer. "Nature in The Faerie Queene."

(1985) Shaw, Warren. "'Another Shake of the Kaleidoscope': Social Change in Maurice Gee's Trilogy."

(1985) Frame, Barbara. "People with Ideas: The Political Philosophy of Arnold Wesker's Plays."

(1985) Cram, Margaret Eileen. "Chaucer and Ovid: Their Treatment of Classical Mythology to Explore Heterosexual Relationships."

(1985) Morris, Joanna K. "From Jessie Weston to Robin Hyde: The Development of the Heroine in New Zealand Novels from 1890-1939."

(1984) Tenci, Bernadette. "Joyce's Dubliners: Epiphany and Significant Detail."

(1980) Miles, Thomas Geoffrey. "Shakespeare's View of History in the First Tetralogy."

(1979) Lim, Aileen Hui Li. "Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads and the Preface."

(1978) Greenwood, R. J. "The Portrayal of Moral Experience through Characterisation in the Novels of William Golding."

(1978) O'Neill, Mary C. "The Problem of Pain in Thomas More's Utopia and A Dialogue of Comfort."

(1977) Gilmore, K. R. "The Responses of Two New Zealand Poets to Their Physical and Social Environments."

(1977) Millar, Helen J. "Doris Lessing: A Study of Selected Short Stories."

(1976) Stewart, Peter F. "William Carlos Williams: A Study of His Prose in the 1930s."

(1976) Wallace, Russell D. "Crabbe's Narrative Poetry: The Process of its Development."

(1974) Lawson, D. W. "Greek Myth in Four Plays by James K. Baxter."

(1974) Hubbard, Peter. "The Writer's Now: A Comparative Study of John Fowles's The French Lieutenant's Woman and W. M. Thackeray's Vanity Fair."

(1973) Britton, Romily. "The Portrayal of Women in English Drama from the Plays of the Wakefield Cycle to Robert Greene."

(1973) Davis, B. F. "The Divided Man: A Study of Moral Patterns in the Novels of Angus Wilson and Charles Dickens."

(1973) Reed, Margaret. "Blake: Bondage and Liberty: Aspects of His Works 1789-1798."

(1972) Barnhill, H. M. "The Pakeha Harp: Maori Mythology in the Works of Four Early New Zealand Poets."

(1970) Rockel, C.M. "The Arthurian Cycle: Some Aspects of the Morte Darthur and Idylls of the King Compared."

(1969) Cumming, D. "Aspects of Newman's Prose Style."

(1964) De Latour, C. R. "New Zealand and the Novels 1945-60."

(1956) Gibson, C. A. "The Translations of John Dryden."

(1954) Manton, B. J. "Andrew Marvell in 1672. A study of The Rehearsal transpos'd; Part I."

BA Honours Dissertations

An extensive collection of dissertations written in lieu of one paper for the English 4H course is housed in the English Department's library, and may be consulted by arrangement with the Department's adminstrator.