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100-level papers
200-level papers
300-level papers
400-level papers

100-level Papers

ENGL 120 Creative Writing: How to Captivate and Persuade
ENGL 121 English Literature: The Remix
ENGL 126 English for University Purposes
ENGL 127 Effective Writing
ENGL 128 Effective Communication
ENGL 131 Controversial Classics

200-level Papers

ENGL 214 Medieval Literature 1: Poetry in the Age of Chaucer (not offered 2018)
ENGL 215 The Anglo-Saxons: An Interdisciplinary Approach (not offered 2018)
ENGL 216 A Topic in English Language: History of the Language (not offered 2018)
ENGL 217 Creative Writing: Poetry (not offered 2018)
ENGL 218 Shakespeare: Stage, Page and Screen
ENGL 219 Poetry and Music (not offered 2018)
ENGL 220 Creative Writing: Reading for Writers
ENGL 222 Contemporary American Fiction
ENGL 223 Fantasy and the Imagination
ENGL 225 Old English (not offered 2018)
ENGL 227 Essay and Feature Writing
ENGL 228 Writing for the Professions
ENGL 233 Literary Theory: From Words to Worldviews
ENGL 240 Modernism: Joyce (not offered 2018)
ENGL 241 'Ye Onlie True and Original Spook': Irish-Scots Gothic and the Gothic as Genre (not offered 2018)
ENGL 242 New Zealand Literature: Nation and Narration
ENGL 243 Special Topic: Tartan Noir – Scottish Crime Fiction
ENGL 250 Special Topic: Irish Literature in English (not offered 2018)
ENGL 251 Special Topic: Word and Image – The Graphic Novel (not offered 2018)

300-level Papers

ENGL 311 Renaissance Literature (not offered 2018)
ENGL 312 Literature in the Age of Invention (not offered 2018)
ENGL 313 Victorian Literature (not offered 2018)
ENGL 314 Old English (not offered 2018)
ENGL 315 Medieval Literature 2: Chaucer and other Middle English authors
ENGL 319 Modern and Contemporary Poetry (not offered 2018)
ENGL 320 Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL 323 Fantasy and the Imagination
ENGL 327 The Essay: Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL 332 Postcolonial Literatures
ENGL 333 Critical and Cultural Theory
ENGL 334 Textuality and Visuality
ENGL 335 Romantic Literature
ENGL 337 Creative Writing: Travel Narratives (not offered 2018)
ENGL 340 Modernism: Joyce (not offered 2018)
ENGL 341 'Ye Onlie True and Original Spook': Irish-Scots Gothic and the Gothic as Genre (not offered 2018)
ENGL 342 Digital Literature: Technologies of Storytelling (not offered 2018)
ENGL 350 Special Topic: Contemporary Irish and Scottish Poetry
ENGL 351 Special Topic: Twenty-first Century Fiction – Reading Today's World
ENGL 353 Reading Minds: Literature and Psychology
ENGL 368 Engaging Literary Stories

400-level Papers

ENGL 401 Old English
ENGL 402 Middle English: Dream Vision Poetry (not offered 2018)
ENGL 403 Old Norse (not offered 2018)
ENGL 404 A Topic in English Language (not offered 2018)
ENGL 408 Special Topic: Writing the Nation - "Fact"? and/or "Fiction"?
ENGL 465 A Topic in New Zealand Literature: Janet Frame
ENGL 467 Special Topic: Storyworlds and Cognition
ENGL 469 A Topic in Modernism: Global Modernism (not offered 2018)
ENGL 471 A Topic in Romanticism: Romantic Masterworks (not offered 2018)
ENGL 472 Special Topic: Imagining Scotland (not offered 2018)
ENGL 473 A Topic in Nineteenth-Century Literature (not offered 2018)
ENGL 474 Special Topic: Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (not offered 2018)
ENGL 476 A Topic in English Literature 1660-1800 (not offered 2018)
ENGL 477 A Topic in American Literature: Cubism in Literature and Film (not offered 2018)
ENGL 478 A Topic in Postcolonial Literature: Cultural Inventions and Interventions
ENGL 490 Dissertation

HUMS 501 Writing and Revision for Graduate Research