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Bachelor of Arts with Linguistics as a subject major

There are three structured options you may consider for your BA. These are BA in Linguistics, BA in English and Linguistics, and BA in Language and Linguistics. The minimum requirements for these options are presented below. Students are encouraged to consult with departmental course advisors before enrolling for any of these majors. For Linguistics, please contact the Linguistics Programme coordinator; for languages including English, contact the department concerned.

Linguistics Major

100-level: LING 111; and one paper from LING 112, MFCO 103, or any 100-level language paper in one of the approved languages listed below. Note: The approved languages are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Māori (MAOR110, 111, 112), or Spanish.
200-level: LING 214, LING 215, and one further LING 200 paper
300-level: Any four LING 300 papers

English and Linguistics Major

100-level: Any 100-level ENGL paper (excluding ENGL 126), LING 111
200-level: Any two 200-level ENGL papers, and LING 214, LING 215
300-level: Any two 300-level ENGL papers, and two 300-level LING papers

Language and Linguistics Major

100-level: LING 111, and two papers in one language from the approved languages, namely Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Māori, and Spanish
200-level: LING 214, LING 215, and two papers in the language continued from 100-level
300-level: Two 300-level LING papers, and two 300-level papers in the language continued from 200-level