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Linguistics as a subject minor

The minor in Linguistics is an attractive option for those who plan to major in areas such as languages, communication studies, anthropology, education, and information or computer science.

Linguistics minor subject requirements

TESOL as a subject minor

The study and practice of Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) continues to grow exponentially as a major segment of the international education industry. English is the global lingua franca, the language learned and used by more second language speakers than any other language and the language most widely distributed across the world.

TESOL practitioners are constantly required and recruited from English-speaking countries. The TESOL Minor is a useful option for students intending to make a career of teaching English as a foreign language in New Zealand or overseas. It is also very useful for someone seeking temporary employment while travelling abroad for an extended period.

TESOL minor subject requirements

Note: This minor cannot be taken in conjunction with the major in Linguistics but can be taken in conjunction with the major in English and Linguistics, the major in Language and Linguistics or any other major(s).

The TESOL minor is subsumed in the Linguistics major. Students majoring in Linguistics, who have taken the relevant TESOL papers, will (on application) be provided with a letter from the TESOL coordinator indicating that the TESOL minor requirements have been met.

Note that the TESOL minor does not qualify students for primary or secondary school teacher registration. Students who wish to acquire a formal teaching qualification for New Zealand schools (other than language schools) are advised to approach the College of Education.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Anne Feryok