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Linguistics Papers

100-level papers

  • LING103 Language Myths
  • LING111 A World of Languages
  • LING112 Power at Work in Language (not offered 2021)
  • LING140 Language, Brain, and Being Human

200–level papers

  • LING217 What's Behind Language: Sound and Structure
  • LING230 Interaction and Identity in Context
  • LING231 TESOL: Guide to Language Teaching
  • LING240 Language, Brain and Being Human (not offered 2021)
  • DHUM201 Digital Humanities: Method and Critque

300-level papers

  • LING314 Morphosyntax: Diversity and Unity
  • LING317 Child and Adult Language Development
  • LING330 Interaction and Identity in Context
  • LING331 Advanced TESOL: Branching Out
  • LING332 TESOL in Action: Teaching Practice
  • LING342 Laboratory Phonology
  • LING390 Directed Reading

400-level papers

500-level papers