An ABC to the Christian Congregation

Knell, Thomas

STC 15029
Ringler 15029 and TP 58. Single sheet folio. Printed on verso of STC 9512.8. Rpt. Herbert L. Collman, ed., _Ballads & Broadsides_, Roxburghe Club 160 (Oxford, 1912), no. 56. UMI microfilm reel 134

An ABC to the christen congregacion
London: [Nicholas Hill for] R. Kele,1550?.

Composition Date: 1550?.

folio: 1v
¶An ABC to the christen congregacion
Or a pathe-way to the heauenly habitacion.

ABstayne from pryde, abstaine from fornication
Abstayne from couetousnes, abstaine from idolatrye
Abstayne from sedicion, abstayne from detraction
Abstayne from percyalyty, abstaine from periury. Act .xv. Gala v. deu. v. Deut. iiii Deut. xxvii. Act. xiiii. i. cor. v. vi. Iames .iiii. Apoc. xvii. Prou. xvii Gala. v. Leuiti. xx. Iam. ii:

5 ¶Beware of ryot, that spendeth a mans thryfte
Beware of lyenge that causeth dishonestye
Beware of vntrue making of shyfte
Beware of the deadely poyson Ipocrisye i. Pet. iiii. Prou. v. Ephe. iiii. col. ii. Gala. i. Phi. iiii. Math. vi. Lu. xii.

¶Couet for learnynge, that maketh a man wyse
10 Couet the knowledge, of gods preceptes
Couet for wysedome, chiefe of pryce
Couet the company that honesty gettes Eccle. vii. Proue. xiii Deu. xxviii. i. cor. ii. Rom. xii. Esa. v. Leuit. xxvi. Prou. xxviii Osee. iiii.

¶Do that god hathe commaunded the
Do thy duetye to euerye man
15 Do hurte to none, he sayth trulye
Do good to all so nigh as ye can Math. vii. Mat. v. Luke .vi. i. Pet. iii. Tob. iiii. i. T[h]essa. Thessa] Tessa 1550 v. Thessa] Tessa 1550

¶Enuy not, but loue thy brother
Euery christian sainct Paule doth teache
Enuyeng is forbydde, to one another
20 Euery man the rewarde, of his owne burden shall reache i. Cor. xiii. iii. i. petr. i. Phil. ii. Eph. iiii. Iam. iii. iiii ii. cor. v. Math v. Mat. xiiii. Gal. vi.

¶Fayth withoute workes auayleth not
Faythe that worketh, and is lyuelye
Fastened on god, and loue the rote
Fashyoneth a man to be heuenly Gala. iii. Hebr xiii. Iac. ii. Act. iii. i. Ioh. iii. Iac. ii.

25 ¶Gette the treasure, whiche the thefe can not steale
Geue to the poore, geue also to thyne enemye
Geue god the glory, in wo and in weale.
Geuyng place to thy superiour declareth humilitie Luke .xii. Math. vi. Luke .vi. Math xxv. Rom. i. ii. cor. iii. act. xiii. Luk. xiiii. i. pet. v

¶Honour thy father and mother, for so is it right
30 Helpe them in tyme of aduerse necessytye
Haue gods wyl in remembraunce both day and nyghte
Heuy burdens on thy brother to put is iniquite Math. xv. Exod. xx. Deu. v. Ephe. v. Marc. vii. Ecclesi iii Ezech. xx. Math. vii Ro. ii. Ia. i. Ro. xiiii. i. cor. viii. Rom. xvi.

¶Iudgement is mine, so sayth the lorde
Iudge not thy brother, wherin thou hast offended
35 Idell communicacion is to be abhorde
Iudge neuer any, tyl thou hast thy-selfe amended Esa. xlv. Rom. xiiii. Iohn .v. Mat. vii a. Luke .vi. Rom. ii. Math. xii.

¶Kepe thyne eye single that thou mayst haue lyghte
Knowledge thy faut to thy brother offended
Kepe neuer from the poore that is his righte
40 Kyndle charitie where hate is ascended Luk. xi. Math. vi. v Iac. v. Leui. xix. .ii. .xxiiii. Tob. iiii. Act. xx. Math. v.

¶Let hym that hath an office attende therto
Let the teachers doctryne be playne and not curious
Let loue be without dyssymulation also
Let not the busynes of Chryst to you be tedyous Esa. lvi. Rom. xii. Eze. xxxiiii. i. cor. xiiii i. Pet. v i cor. xiii. i. Iohn .ii. Iere. xxiii. Iohn. xii. Luc. ii.

45 ¶Mercye is a temperaunce of mynde in tyme of traunsgression
Mingled with mekenes maketh great quietnes
Make no reuengyng agaynst wrongfull oppression
Make heapes of fire-coles of thy e[n]emies vnfaythfulnes Prouer. iii. i. pet. iiii. Luke xiii. xv math. xviii. Heb. xii. Rom. xii. Deut. xxxii. Pro. xxv. i. Pet. iii. Exod. xxiii Rom xii. Prouer. xxv

¶No man can serue two masters, and at once them please
50 Neuer put thy truste in workes of mans inuension inuension] inuensions 1550
Neuer shalte thou geue occasion of thy brothers disease
Nether beleue the false prophetes, for any maner of affliccion Neuer? Neither? Math vi. Luke. xvi. i. Cor vi. math xv. Luke .x. Ioh. x. ii. Corin. vi. Mar. ix. Ephe. viii. v b col ii. Math. xxiiii. mar. xii. xiii. Ro. xvi. c. Math vi. Luke. xvi. i. Cor vi. math xv. Luke .x. Ioh. x. ii. Corin. vi. Mar. ix. Ephe. viii. v b col ii. Math. xxiiii. mar. xii. xiii. Ro. xvi. c.

¶Open thy hande to the poore with due administracion
Obserue christes doctryne in scripture playnlye declared
55 Omytte the pope with all hys ceremonyall obseruacion
Onles thou wylt deserue paynes, for the deuels prepared Rom. xii. Heb. xiii. Baruc. vi. Esai. xlvi. Eccles. xi. i. cor. iiii. col. iii. ii. t[h]essa. thessa] tessa 1550 ii. Math. xii. Marc. vii. Apoc. xiii. c. ii. petr. ii. Apoc. xxii. Act. xvii. Ephe. v. thessa] tessa 1550

¶Plenteouslye in al wisdome let the worde of god in you dwell
Paruert not the peo[p]le with reuerent behauour idolatrye to vse people] peole 1550
Put no myste before theyr eyes, peruerte neuer the gospel
60 Put awaye all ignoraunce, for that shall neuer excuse Colo. iii. i. cor. i. i. Cor. vi. Exod. ii. [ii.] Pe. ii.] 1550 omits ii. i. Cor ii. Colo. ii. Math. iiii. Deu. vi. Exo. xx. i Timo. iii. ii Timo. iii. Eph. iiii. ro. i. ii.] 1550 omits

¶Quenche the desyre of carnall concupysence inordinate
Quenche thy anger from cursed speaking and al maliciousnes
Quyckly for thy offence to thy aduersary thy-self prostrate
Quiet thy-selfe from vaine spirites mans doctrine and Idelnes i. Timo. vi. i. T[h]es. Thes] Tes 1550 iiii. Math. v. Ephe.. iiii. Colo. iiii. i. Pet. ii. Math. v. Luke. xii. ii. T[h]es Thes] Tes 1550 iiii. Marke .viii. Luke .xi. Thes] Tes 1550Thes] Tes 1550

65 ¶Refrayne your tongue and brydell your harte
Reporte the beste, and iudge truelye
Raise no slaunder to your neighbours smert
Reape neuer to youre owne soule any iniquity Iames .iii. Gala. vi. Prouer. xv. Mat. xviii. Lu. xvii. Iam. iii. i. cor. vi. Prouer. iiii.

¶Suffer Chrystes crosse, when it is layde on your backe
70 Suffer paciently, al maner trouble and aduersyty
Sustaine them that haue not, beare with them that lacke
Succour your poore neighbour reliefe him of hys mysery Luke xiiii. ii. Tim. iii. i. Pet. iiii. math. v. ii. t[h]es. thes] tes 1550 v. Ro. xiiii. xv. Luk. xiiii Tob. iiii. Ia. ii. Pro. iii. thes] tes 1550

¶There are diuersi[t]iesletter broken of giftes, and but one spirit verely
The giftes of the spirite, are geuen to euery man
75 To profyte the congregacion the weke in faythe to edefye
Trouble not hys conscyence, with questions of Sathan i. Cor. xii. Tit. ii. i. Pe. iiii. mat. xix. i. cor. xii. ro. xv. i. Tim. vi ii. Tim. ii. Ti[t]. Tit] Ti 1550 iii. Act. xv. rom. xiiii. i. Timo. i. Phil. ii. ii. T[h]ess. Thess] Tess 1550 ii. Tit] Ti 1550Thess] Tess 1550

¶Utteraunce of wysedome commeth of the holye-ghoste
Upon all them that beleue, and trust in gods promys
Uengeaunce is reserued of god in euery coste
80 Unto the harde-harted and supersticious doubtles Heb. iiii. Ro. iii. Rom. ii. i. Iohn .vii. ii. Pe, ii. Rom. ii. Gala. iiii.

Christes bloude hathe washed vs from our synnes
Let vs folow diligently his steppes
Christ alone hathe losed vs from payne[s] paynes] payne 1550
Let vs worship Chryst and his father and his giftes i. Pet. i. Phi. ii. i. cor. xv. Heb. ix. i. Iohn .iii. xv. Iohn xiiii i. Pet. ii. Esa. liii. Tit. iii. Act. iiii. rom. x. c. Rom. ix.

85 ¶Yoke neuer thy-selfe with infidelitie
Yoke not thy-selfe with couetous aduouterers
Yelde the to god, and thy bodye sanctifye
Yelde thy spirite amonge goddes inheriters ii. Cor. vi. Gal. v. i. Cor. vi. Act. xix. ii. Pe. ii. mar. xiii. Mat. xxiiii. Ro. iiii

Zodome and gomer, plaged for theyr iniquitie
90 Zodometrye is a vice before god most detestable Zodometrye: see OED s.v. sodomitry
Zeale of myserable mischyef scripture doth verefy
Zodomites a_fore warnynge, for vs most profitable Gen. xix Rom. i. ii. pet. ii iii. i. Cor. x. Esa. i. mat. xxiiii. Luke .xvii.

Finis. Quod Thomas_Knell.
Imprynted at London by Rycharde_Kele, dwellynge in Lombardes_strete nexte vnto the stockes-market at the sygne of the Egle.