Alexander the Great


STC 321
Brown and Robbins 683; Ringler 321 and TP 348.5 ("[Diuers is this myddellerde]"). Printed copytext is fragmentary (leaves O2, O7 only). Rpt. Karl D. B├╝hlbring, _Englische Studien_ 13 (1889), 145-53; ed. G. V. Smithers, EETS os 227 (1952), 288-96. Anon. tr. from French, a condensed adaptation of Thomas of Kent's _Roman Toute Chevalerie_. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 622 consulted in Smithers's ed. UMI microfilm reel 21

[Romance of King Alexander]
London: [R. Faques],1525(?).

Variant source 1: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 622, fols. 52v-53 (=B)

Composition Date: ante 1300? [Ringler].

gestnyng: see OED s.v. gestening ="banquet"or: euen vpright?
sig: O2
The leter sayd this without fayle
The thred day he shold haue batayle
On the thred day that came
Kyng alesaundre his armur name
5 and armed him fynly and well
So dyd his peple euerydell
So dyd kyng porrus and all his ost
and come to batayle with gret bost
Ther were displayed many a baner
10 Of rich selke and of goold wyre
and ther was many a fayre stede
And many a knyght good at nede
Ther was moch ryoll iustyng
So was ther many fayre defendyng
15 and kyng alesaundre with his meyne
Of kyng porrus he gate the gre
kyng porrus yeld to his hande
and to his wyll all his lande
kyng alesaundre was of hert [c]urteys curteys] ourteys 1525, curteys B
20 He graunted kyng porrus loue and pese
Now ben thes knyghtes well at on
And soo be her men euerychone
Now is porrus and all his [folk] parde folk] 1525 omits, folk B
They ben [of] kyng alesaundre[s] meyne of] 1525 omits, of B; alesaundres] alesaundre 1525, Alisaundres B
25 Than went kyng porrus as I fynde
Wt kyng alesaundre ouer all inde
For to schew him of all-thing
Of men and bestis moche maruelynges
He halp to wynne in-to his hande
30 All the nacyonys of the lande
Now or ye goo eny forther-more
Ye shall here a wonder bore
Yef ye wyll herkyn her-to well
Hit is in kyng alesaundres pystyll

sig: [O2v]
35 TO aristotell in bookys as I fynd
Alesaundre sent out of inde
How kyng porrus had an hall
That was fayre and ryche with-all
All the pelers that beren that hows
40 Of massy gold they were presyos
The heyght was meten ther with men
iiij. skore of feete it was and ten
And ther-of was euery chapyter chapyter] chapytler 1525
Of red gold both fyne and klere
45 Ye wallys weren full rych also
With plate of gold about be_goo
That was enche-thyke ouer-all
Thus [hit] was an hall full ryall hit] 1525 omits
Betwene the pelouris hyng a vyne
50 All sad gold and seluer fyne
Of pured gold eych lef was als
This story is not holdon fals
This was no vyne made of iape
Of fyne cristall was euery grape
55 and of emeraunde the riche stonys emeraunde: =emerald
Fayre be_set for the nonys
The chamburis weren full fayr and bryght
Ther-in myght come no wyght
For stonis that weren soo presyos
60 Endendyd with gold about the hows Endendyd: see OED s.v. indent v.2
Of margarytis and charbocle-ston charbocle: see OED carbuncle
Euery c[h]amber well fayre schone chamber] cyamber 1525
All her chamburis and her bouris
Were be_set with fayre floures
65 Of euery portrayed of fayre entayle
Whyt as melke witho[u]ten fayle
Ye braces weren wonder fyne
Of atred was kleped Ebyn Ebyn] Ebemyn 1525atred: =black? Ebyn: See OED s.v. ebon, MED s.v. eben =ebony?atred: =black? Ebyn: See OED s.v. ebon, MED s.v. eben =ebony?
The thre shynyd as bryght as golde

sig: [O7]
Sig. O3-O6 wanting
70 Ne had they don so verament
The snow had keuerde her tentes
But as god wold ther come a rayne
and a lyghtnyng I dar well sayne
Hyt was all so lyght and klere
75 As all the feldes on fyer were
From heeuen as hit were fyer-brond
Hit fell adowne in-to her hand
Ther ne was no man so hardye
But they were aferde sekerly
80 Anon after as hit was godes wyl
The nyght be_come fayre and styll
Kyng alesaundre that was so hend
He dyd anon his fyres tende
Than fonde he deede for kolde
85 v.C. knyghtes that weren bolde
Yt layen in the valey be_lowe
Ther were they keuerde in the snow
Ye kyng let his knyghtes bery
Was he nothyng in hert mery
90 All her golde nor her ryches
Saued him not fro dystres
The kyng remeued his tentes in hast remeued] reumeued 1525
and went toward the see faste
kyng alesaundre bade his men tho
95 Aray ther shypys and goo ther-too
[D]romoundes galyes and eke barge Dromoundes] Uromoundes 1525, Dromuns B
Wt ther vytayle they sholde charge
and soo they dyden withouten chest chest: see OED s.v. chest, n.2 (="strife")
and they sayled forth euen Est
100 The .xx. day they come to I_perayne I_perayne] Yperoun B
and ther thay fond a woll fayre towne
But .vij. myle the land ys long
and ther they fond men full strong
And iiij. myle hit was of brede
sig: [O7v]
105 The kyng of the land dyd be reede dyd be reede: see OED s.v. rede, n.1, 1b
He made with alesaundr[e] pese alesaundre] alesaundrt 1525
and gaf him gret yeft nathelese yeft: =gift
In that land groweth no whete
Nor nother corne but spycys swete
110 Ther-of they made all her brede
And dranke wyne whyte and red
Euerich man and woman eke
Of the land that is so swete
With gold and seluer and presyos ston
115 They ben klothed euery_chone
Hyt is boysters folke in euery plase
Mochell men and grysly of fase fase] fasce 1525
The kyng had with him many a gest[n]yng gestnyng] gestyng 1525gestnyng: see OED s.v. gestening ="banquet"

Of mete and drynke and moche thyng
120 For_ther-more in-to the este
Ther was nothyng but wyld best
iiij.-heded nedders and dragonys heded] he ded 1525
Tygris grypys and eke lyonys
A maner folke ther is I_founde
125 That men klepen the see-hounde
The nedders bredyth the presyous stonys
and lystynyth now all at-onys
In schynyng of the son bryght
He turneth his wombe euen-right right] pright 1525or: euen vpright?

130 and as he lyeth in the hot son
With the heete the wombe shynyth than
and conseueth of the son fyer fyer] veire B
Throw n[a]ture of the wynd and eyre nature] noture 1525, nature B
Yef the eyre be of dyuers ble
135 For-soth so schall the stonys bee
Suche is the nedders kendlyng
Presyous stonys forth to bryng
Iacynctys peri[p]es and cryzelitys peripes] peritottes 1525, piropes B.See OED s.v. pyrope "red gem" See OED s.v. pyrope "red gem"
Safurys amorondes and margarytys Safurys] Safurnys 1525, Safyres B.Safurys: =sapphires; amorondes: =emeralds Safurys: =sapphires; amorondes: =emeralds

Fragmentary: text breaks off here.