The Meeting of Doctor Barons and Doctor Powell

Anon [Barnes, Robert]

STC 1473
Ringler 1473 and TP 970. UMI microfilm reel 24. Order no. 774

The metynge of doctor Barons and doctor Powell at Paradise gate
London: William Hill,[1548].

Composition Date: 1548?.

See side note adjacent to line 208.
sig: [A1]
The metynge OF DOCTOR BARONS AND doctor Powell at Paradise-gate and of theyr communicacion bothe drawen to Smithfylde from the Towar. The one burned for Heresye as the papistes do saye truly and the other quartered for popery and all within one houre.
sig: [A1v]


IT is sene often
That men mete nowe and then
But so do hylles neuer
What wynde draue the hether
draue: possibly ='draw', but more likely 'drave', i.e. 'drove'


5 Demaunde thou wherefore
For quyet euer-more
I haue trauelid longe therefore


Why I the desire
Thy reward is borning fyer
10 Thy trauell was non other
But against holi churches mother


Trulye thou doste not saye
Ful besy I haue bene
Goddes worde so pure and cleane
15 As it hathe bene wel se[n]e
To open nyghte and daye
But I haue bene so croppid
Pollid and noppid
sig: A2
And so often stopped
20 In that my godly Iornye
Euer some popishe trayne
Out of a byshoppes brayne
Dyd turne me backe agayne
Cleane besyde the waye

25 So for the verye trothe
I fasyd wyth manye an othe fasyd: =faced; see below, fasinges
And susteyninge muche wrothe
My dewtye coulde not doo
Thoughe Barons was my name
30 And had grudge and blame
Rebuke disdayne and shame
Wyth sorowe care and woo

By many of the wycked
I was spornid at and kycked
35 When that they were prycked
One the galde backe
That they myghte fulfyll
Theyre popishe wycked wyll
And so contenewe styll
40 With malis lie and cracke

They made many listes
sig: [A2v]
And gaue no small giftes
Now litle to theire thriftes
By burning very longe
45 They alleged many lawes
After their owne sawes
Not wordy .ii. strawes wordy: ='worth'; see OED s.v. worthy adj.
To put pore men to wronge

Some pore sely sowles
50 Were brought forthe to powles
With carefull heuy nowles
Suffering muche shame and care
Some had there names
With tauntes rebukes and shame[s], shames] shame 1548
55 And constrayned were with blames
Fagots for to were

Some in prison depe
Did lye and slepe
And coulde not sturre nor crepe
60 Lyke theues as they had bene
With course barley-bred
Very hungerly feade
So heuy as any leade
Theire drinke was water thin

sig: [A3]
65 If they had not sought a_boute
Frendes to get them out
Long ells they mought
In prison tarry still
And yet no cause why
70 That they coulde pacifie
Or ells truly iustifie
But theyr malice to fulfyll

For the truthes sake
Some they did make
75 Their gods to forsake
Some were exiled clene
Many they did spill
Bannyshe burne and kyll
Folowy[n]g theyr wicked wyll Folowyng] Folowyg 1548
80 Lyke theues as they had bene

Some in the bishoppes chambere
Priuelye examined were
Because the people shuld not com nere
To knowe what there was done
85 Wythe threteninges all to_mainyd
And fasinges sore blaimid
To recante they were constrayned
sig: [A3v]
From thens or they were gone


Fy Barons thou raylest
90 It is not true thou faylest
To lewdly thou saylest
In thy communication
Tell some other tayle
And do no longer rayle
95 For els I will not fayle
To leaue the here alone.


It is your old pleying
That we do vse rayling
The truth when we be sayeng
100 Against your noughty lyuing

Ye can not abyde
Youre wyckednes should be spyde
Or the truth should be tride
Ye be therat so byting
105 But God that sitteth on hye
So haue on me mercie
If I entent to lye
Or therof wyll make reciting

sig: [A4]
Therfore brother powell
110 Though on popery styll ye smelle
And will not that I tell
Your detestable fasshion
As I am so I am
Nother popish nor roman
115 But a very christian
And that on christes passion

For witnes do I call
Though bitter was my fall
I am content with-all
120 [.......................] The rhyme-scheme indicates that a line is wanting.
Let me my mynd declare
For I will not spare
Nowe I am past care
The truth for to saye

125 Mercy I tell the shewed they none
But a_way with flesh and bone
Of them they cried anone
That spake against theyr wyll
Better it were they sayd
130 In yrons that he were teyd
Or to the fier leyde
Then our kingdom he should spyll

sig: [A4v]
Still about they sought
And spitfully wrought
135 Speaking that was not thought
The truth to put to flight
With malyce to much vsed
Iudasly they accused
The truth to be refused
140 Was all theyr delyght

Abroad were sent lyers
Of prestes and of friers
To be priuy spiers
To put Gods woord to wrong
145 Who did not cease
Malyce to encrease
And not quietnes
Through the ynglysh thr[on]ge thronge] thrauge 1548

If they had remembred well
150 What on the Iewes fell
Persecuting the gospell
And the vndoubted truyth
Then woulde they loke about
And feare their popish route
155 In peaces should brest out
sig: [A5]
Or haue a great ruyth

A deuelysh mad deuise
Well-doing to dispise
Naming it the new gise
160 As some did it call
Which be the holy roode
Hath done much more good
To our ynglysh bloud
Then the old fasshion all


165 Cease thy comunication
Against the olde fasshion
Our catholyke tradicion
What doest thou knowe
Of bate or sedicion
170 Of grudge or rebellyon
Within ynglysh region
That the old sorte did sowe
I see thou dust not fayle
To Ieste and to rayle
175 With an euell tayle,
And malyciously to crowe.


sig: [A5v]
A thou popish asse
Shall I let passe
The prelates iniquitas
180 Wherat totus mundus
Rorith at the bisshops
With their romysh shiphockes shiphockes: =sheep-hooks, 'croziers'
The popes priuy cokes
I meane plainlye thus

185 Who lyst to seke about
May in chronicles sone finde oute
What sedes the popish route
In yngland hath sowen
Because the time is short
190 I shall brefely report
And wright in dewe sort
Them what I haue knowen

And howe manfully hardy manfully hardy: cf. OED s.v. manful-hardy adj.
The fathers of the clargy
195 And nothing at all [t]ardy tardy] hardy 1548
In lyes, disdayne and pryde
Spared no expence
Nor yet dayly diligence
By the preuie defence
sig: [A6]
200 Gods worde for to hyde

Sinna sinnarum is
That thou in no wyes myss
To conueye this
To the high prelates al
205 It is my last writing
I wold they vse no byting
Yet open sittinge
What-soeuer therof be_fal The following note appears, printed in the right margin and partially trimmed: A faut escaped on the other side o[f] this page the iii. Line for dronken bl[oc]kes rede d[ra]kes bloud[e].


Ful heuy I say they ought to be
210 For so long cloking of gods veriti
And to lament right bitterly
Calling for mercye
That he wold their eyes open
Yt theyr stony harts may be broken
215 Whyche so longe hathe bene soken
With doctrine so fylthy

All the woorlde doth nowe it spye
And wonderfully vpon them crye
That they so long christe dyd denye
sig: [A6v]
220 Our only helth and sauioure
and made vs beleue on stoks and stons
Dr[akes bloude] and drye bones, Drakes bloude] Dronken blockes 1548See side note adjacent to line 208.

To be all helpers for the nones
For our wicked behauiore

225 Holly bred and holly water
Wt redde letters written in paper
And to the cake as to oure maker
To trust they did vs teache
For the thonder to the holly bell
230 And at our dethe the holly candel
Masses propiscatory they did sel propiscatory: =propitiatory
To be our helping leche

For this lordes la[dy]es and knyght ladyes] laydes 1548
They haue had in greate despighte
235 Wt many other that nowe wright
Against theyr abhominacion
It is wel knowen and now espied
By my bloude and other that fryed
In smithefild gods word hath tried
240 Theyr pharisis olde fasshion

Suche as was to polles called
And in prisones cruelly scallid
sig: [A7]
For gods worde and spitfully bralled
For vengeance haue cried
245 To god who with ye prelats now hath [met] met] ment 1548
For theyr tiranny without let
and for th[e]yr Iuggeling and snaring net theyr] thyr 1548
This cannot be denied

There is no man that now brookes
250 There stowte crakes and hie lookes
Their double hartes and fabling bokes
Their pride do abate
Thogh truth was inclosed in a wal
It is broken out and now doth fall
255 Your lordly pride brother snowbal
All these be sene of late.


Thou abhominable heretike
Fantasticall and lunatike
Thi wordes mi hart do throw-prick
260 Thus to heare the rayle
Prate and say what thou wylle
The papistes therat haue no skylle
They wyll kepe their holde stylle
And thou shalt not preuayle

sig: [A7v]
265 I se there is no remedy
Any longer to talke with the
As thou was so wilte thou be
Abhominable hereticke
As for thy letter to conueye
270 To my prelates stoute and gaye
Here I openlye saye the naye
And thereat trust and stycke
They wyll preuayle when thou art gone
When thou and thine lamente and mone
275 Thei haue to be meri it is wel-knouen
No sorowe can make them sicke


The deuel, a lye brother powell
Dust thou saye but I the tel
Let them lyue any longer to smell
280 And theyr fusty popery
Thei know the law thei know the paine
They can no longer cloke nor fayne
And if they do I tel the certayne
Theyr rewarde is playne ropery

285 Hereof I nede not much to saye
Yu assaied the game thou knowest the play
sig: [A8]
Let them turne theyr mynd a_waye
And stryfe not against the right
If the lordly poure might ons a_bate
290 Then wold they quicly open the gate
Of true doctrine which of late
king henry did bring to light
God saue king Edwards noble grace
and send his highenes tyme and space
295 To continewe forth his godly trace
By gods powre and might
and send yl-chaun[c]e and crokid happes chaunce] chaunre 1548
To all suche popishe forked capes
That gaue so manye curs[e]d slappes cursed] cursd 1548
300 For gods blissed word
So hath he done it is certayne
They haue not won I tel the pleine
And neuer shal tyl they haue againe
The pope to be there lord


305 The deuil of hel be thy gyde
Thou dust euer braule and chyde
Against my sorte and dust not byde
One word lesse or more
sig: [A8v]
Thou saist thou comest to haue rest
310 Thou shalt be the deuels geste
And herto I wyll do my best
Thou mayst be sure therfore.

Imprynted At London, at the signe of the Hyll, at the west dore of Paules. By Wyllyam_Hill. And there to be sold