Christ's Cross Me Speed


STC 14546.5
Ringler 14546.5 and TP 1741. The text is a fragment, A1 and A4 only (Ringler). Bernard Quaritch's Catalogue 920 (1973), item 100 (with facsimile of title). Now in Robert H. Taylor Collection, Princeton University Library. Ptd. Thomas F. Dibdin, _Typographical Antiquities_, 4 vols. (1810-19), vol. 2, pp. 367-9.

HEre begynneth a lytell propre ieste. Called cryste crosse me spede. a.b.c.
London: Wynkyn de Worde,1534?.

Composition Date: 1534?.

sig: [A1]
HEre begynneth a lytell propre Ieste.
Called cryste crosse me spede .a.b.c.
How the good gosyps made a royall feest
In the goodlyest maner with game and gle
5 To the ale they went with hey troly loly
But whan they came home theyr songe was not so
Theyr songe was of sorowe and most hatefull wo

sig: [A1v]

CHryste crosse me spede .A.B.C
The grace of the graye dystaffe
With the spyndelles all at a raffe at a raffe ='in bundles (of timber)'?; see OED s.v. raff n3.
With the swepynge of your halles all
The wesshynge-betels on your hedes fall wesshynge-betels: =washing-beetles, 'wooden bats used in washing'
5 The clubbes blessynge of swyngels all
That men beare in hande gyue you a scall
I graunt you theyr blessynge to your hedes al
Tyll that your hedes renne all on redde blode
Dame sybbyll_saltocke that sothe was of sawe
10 Telleth the storye of the olde lawe
And kateryn the kemster accorded well therto
And crystyan the carde-maker and many other mo
A grete company of gossyps gadred on a route
Went to besyege an ale-hous rounde aboute
15 Some brought a distaffe and some brought a rele
Some brought a shouell and some brought a pele
Some brought drynke and some a tankarde
And a galon potte fast they drewe thederward
Whan they were sette they sembled on a syse syse: =size, 'assize, jury'; see OED s.v. size, n1
20 Than began gyll to cakell in the flyse flyse ='a share of booty'?; see OED s.v. fleece n, 2b.
Than spake dame molde the greate
Unneth she myght one worde well speake
Now gyue vs drynke aboute
I assent sayd Ione
25 Thou shalte not drynke alone
Amonge the great route
Now fyll me a potte sayd alysonne
For I wyll haue a vessell of a tonne
Ye for god sayde mote
30 We wyll drynke eche a grote
sig: [A4]
Now here an ende withouten drede
Of crystes crosse god me spede

Here endeth the kynred of the cuppe royall
Greate pyte to parte suche gosyps in-dede
35 God sende them the blysse of bruers vessell all
And in al theyr pylgrymages well for to spede
Forsothe this partynge maketh theyr hertes to blede
All that be present god sende you suche an ende
Ones to be gossyp-lyke / or that you hense wende.

¶Imprynted at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the Sonne / by me Wynkyn_de_Worde
sig: [A4v]