A complaynt of a dolorous louer


STC 5608
Ringler 5608 and TP 1384 (also 911). Ed. Edward F. Rimbault, Percy Soc. 27 (1842), 57-62. UMI microfilm reel 1169

Here begynneth a complaynt of a dolorous louer
London: Robert Wyer,1531? [STC].

Composition Date: 1531?.

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¶Here begynneth a complaynt of a dolorous Louer, vpon sugred wordes / and fayned countenaunce.
¶I say in ryght is reason / in truste is treason.
The loue of a woman / doth laste but a season.

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O What dyscomforte / o what dueyll dueyll: =dole, 'grief'; see OED s.v. dole, dool, dule n2
What greuaunce / o what syghes depe
Thus from my pleasure / for to recuyll
By force of her / from whens my paynes doth crepe
5 To wepynge teres / tourned is my slepe
O what rage / to loue such a fygure
Uoyded of pytie / replyte with rygure.

¶O what hope, what solace / of suche seruyce
O how am I / with dolour furnysshed
10 O what dyspayre / what sadnes, what dystres
As one in bytter / tourmentes garnysshed
With paynfull thoughtes / thus to be banysshed
From her that hath / aboue all creatures
My herte, and shall / whyle the worlde endures.

15 ¶Where I haue euer / ben constant and true
Content and glad / aboue all measure
To do that thynge / that myght ensure
To her delyght / and dayly pleasure
O dolorous tourment / that I endure
20 Thus vnkyndly / to be forsaken
Wolde god rayther / deth had me taken.

¶O what recomforte / shuld I now haue
For the langoure / wherin I am wrapped
Ha loue vntrue / thou doest me dysceyue
25 By the semblaunce / that I of the receyued
Helas syth I / no sooner perceyued
The sodayne stroke / of thy vnkyndnesse
Which deedly dothe / my herte oppresse.

sig: [A2v]
¶Helas to longe / haue I attended
30 My greuous payne / to deth hath me brought
And where to loue / I condyscended
Repent I can not / though I it dere hath bought
My trouth, and fydelyte / is nowe set at nought
Helas moche better / had ben for me
35 With bestes to haue lyued / that vnknowen be.

¶And there to haue eten rootes / and grasse grene
And taken my rest / in places dysconserte dysconserte: ='uncomfortable'? 'isolated'? Not recorded in OED, but see consert adj.
And neuer with woman / to haue be sene
But so to haue lyued / in places deserte
40 Then had I not knowen / the causour of my smerte
Whiche lytell regardeth / my loue assured
But with vnkyndnes / my paynes hath procured.

¶Whiche are so greuous / that causeth me dayly
To crye and call / for deth moste sodayne
45 Wyllynge for her to dye / more gladly
Then to haue lyfe / with her dysdayne
Nowe out of hope / I do remayne
Euer to reioyce / in playe or dysporte
But styll to endure / without comforte.

50 ¶So with complayntes / and regretes pyteous
Uoyded of all ioye / and pleasure dylectable
By force wherof / constrayned to do thus
My lyfe to lede / with syghes lamentable
Thus is my grefe / uncomparable
55 And the remembraunce / of her swete face
From my iyes / maketh the teres ronne a_pace.

sig: A3
¶Thus do I thynke / o what dyspleasure
What grefe / what offence, haue I done
Helas what thynge / shuld her procure
60 Thus me / for to forsake so soone
For my true herte / it is small guerdone
O then what cause / haue I for to complayne
That for loue / suche doloure doth sustayne.

¶O what sorowe / what syghes, with lamentacyons
65 What cryes, what wepynges / and what langoure
What dueyll tourmented / of dyuers facyons
What rygoure, what payne / what doloure
O false dysdayne / howe myght thou endure
Thy-selfe / in suche a place, to present
70 Where-as pytie / shuld haue ben resydent.

¶Helas my dayes / are shortened by the
And by the procurement / of thy rewarde
Wherfore I may / lament incessantly
My wyttes trobled / my body sore apparde apparde: =appaired
75 The roote of my sorowe / hath no regarde
To my dyscomforte / and deedly payne
Wherfore with wo to lyue / I muste be fayne.

¶Helas haue I not / then great wronge
Syth my lyfe is abrydged / and made shorte
80 And that for her / my sorowes stronge
Whiche dayly doth / to me resorte
Is causoure / of my dyscomforte
Not consyderynge / my mortall payne
And greuous sorowes / that I sustayne.

sig: [A3v]
85 ¶Causeles exempte / from her fauoure
Without equyte / reason, or ryght
Helas syth Iustyce / hath no powre
Trouth and fydelyte / leseth theyr myght
Fayned countenaunce / hath blynded my syght
90 Whom I thought faythfull / had ben alwayes
With cruell dysdayne / my wages payes.

Nothynge in erthe / so moche dyd me please
As to her laude / or commendacyon
Gyuen vnto her / it dyd my herte moche ease
95 And also no trouble / syckenes nor vexacyon
Thus me to grefe / was none occasyon
But her vnkyndnes / whom I supposed
Her sugred wordes / had not ben glosed.

¶Whiche as me-semed / was able to constrayne
100 The power of dethe / to withdrawe his hande
But now helas / my hope is all in vayne
I haue it loste / that shuld withstande
That was my ioye / is nowe my wande
My scorge my tourment / and my trauelle
105 Worse to endure / then the paynes of helle.

¶By force wherof / dymmed is my syght
My wyttes rauysshed / my lyfe is wery
My herynge stopped / my speche hath no myght
Thus is there nothynge / can me mery
110 My dessperat dolour / my body wolde bery
The longer I lyue / the more is my payne
Wherfore to dye / I wolde be glad and fayne.

sig: [A4]
¶My hole desyre / is to be alone
That I may haue her / in remembraunce
115 That is the causoure / of my mone
The roote and grounde / of all my greuaunce
Helas nowe haue I loste / my vtteraunce
My tonge is faynt / to crye or call
My voyce is feble / with lyfe ryght small.

120 ¶Constraynt of wo / causeth the teres
From my iyes / plentuously to dystyll
Suche habundaunce / of sorowe my herte beres
That my tonge can not / vtter th'effecte of my wyll
My greuous herte / my body doth fyll
125 Thus dyenge, and not deed / I do endure
A hertles body / without pleasure.

¶Thus adieu, farewell / all ioye and pleasure
Adieu all companye / of myrth and dyssporte
Adieu all luthynge / with songe or daunce
130 Where in tymes past / I had comforte
But nowe helas / I muste resorte
Unto that doloure / of dolours most dolorous
The payne of paynes / then deth more greuous.

¶Imprynted by me Robert_wyer, dwellynge at the sygne of saynt Iohnn_Euangelyst / in saynt_Martyns parysshe, besyde charyng_crosse, in norwytch rentes.
Cum priuilegio regali.
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