A Good Lesson for Young Men


STC 15525
Ringler 15525 and TP 1134. Cambridge, University Library, Syn.5.52.3 (A1-2 only). UMI microfilm reel 447.

Here beginneth a good lesson for yonge men
London: Anon,c. 1540 [STC].

Composition Date: c. 1540.

[.......... in porta.] Psalmus. 126 [...........] ebrietatem sectandam et potandum vsque ad vesperam vt vino estuetis. Esa. 5 Habebis Thesauros in celo. Mathewe 19. Marke . 12. [...secutionem] patiuntur propter iustitiam. Mathewe . 5.
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¶[Here beginneth a] good lesson for yonge men.
The upper margin is trimmed.

Myne owne dere chylde, I rede and counseyle the
Whyle thou hast youth, and strength at thy wyll Delicta iuuentutis mee et ignorantias meas: ne memineris.Psalme. 24.
All synne and vyce, that thou refuse and flee
Thy precyous tyme, beware that thou do not spyll
5 It renneth away, it standeth neuer styll
Therfore beware, and fle from all outrage
There dyeth mo yonge, than lyueth to great age.

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[.............. how thou] thy lyfe hast spent The upper margin is trimmed. [.......... in porta.] Psalmus. 126

For euery worde and dede, that thou hast done
10 Thou mayst not scape, from thy iust Iugement
Therfore do so, that thou nede not to repent
That thyne enemyes, saye not to the chekmate
When thou shalt passe, and mete them in the gate.

¶Let the drede of god, now be thy brydell
15 And puruey for the tyme, that lasteth aye Initium sapientie timor domini. Psa. 110
From vertuous occupacyon, be not ydell
But get the ghostly rychesse, that thou may
The fygure of this worlde, goeth fast away fygure ='Importance, distinction', or 'style of living, ostentation, display'? See OED s.v. figure n, 8
He is ryche, that hath heuenly rychesse
20 All worldly myrth, shall ende in heuynesse.

¶Whyle thou arte yonge, be meke and seruyable Interroga patrem tuum et annunciabit tibi maiores tuos et dicent tibi. Deuter. 33.
Unto thy souereygnes, vse thou gentyll speche souereygnes: =sovereigns, 'superiors'
It is a thynge in youth, ryght commendable
To be more glad to lerne, than for to teche
25 Tyll thou mayst, to more knowlege a_reche
He that wyll teache, or he any good can
It wyll be longe, or he proue a wyse-man.

¶Fle from pryde, for that wyll haue a fall
For god resysteth, proude men euermore Iniquitatem si aspexi in corde meo: non exaudiet dominus Psalmus . 65.
30 Beware of enuy, it is b[i]tter as gall bitter] better 1540
Fle from wrath, or it wyll greue the sore
Kepe no malyce, within thyne herte in store
These wycked rotes, be as a dethes darte
My chylde set wysely, kepynge to thy herte. set ='set out'? See OED s.v. set v1, 106

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35 ¶[.................................]The upper margin is trimmed. [...........] ebrietatem sectandam et potandum vsque ad vesperam vt vino estuetis. Esa. 5

Fle ryottous companye, where-so-euer thou go
It is great shame, a man to take excesse
For commonly a beest wyll not do so
Fle from slouth, it is a pleasaunt foo
40 A dilygent man wynneth, for body and soule
Where-as a slouthfull man, may chaunce lose all

¶Fle the fylthy synne of lecherye
For it is that, that god doth greatly hate
Beware thou speke, no wordes of rybaudrye
45 For all that here, therof some harme shall take
For euery worde, acounte thou must nede make Ex abundantia cordis os loquitur. Mathewe . 12.
Thy tonge wyll shewe, playnly what thou arte
A fylthy tonge, declareth a fylthy herte

¶Laboure truely, for to susteyne thy nede
50 To kepe thy body, from all indygence
Couet the blysse of heuyn, for thy me[d]e mede] mete 1540 Habebis Thesauros in celo. Mathewe 19. Marke . 12.

Couet contrycyon, for all thyne offence
Couet clene herte, and clene conscyence
Couet heuenly rychesse, that lasteth aye
55 Whiche no thefe can stele, nor bere a_way.

¶The .x. comaundementes, loke that thou kepe and holde
With all thy power, vnto thy lyues ende In via testimoniorum tuorum delectatus sum sicut in omnibus diuitiis. Ps. 118
Delyte in them, more then in syluer or golde
Loue all creatures, be it foo or frende
60 None is so euyl, but that he may amende
And mekely loke, vpon thy-selfe with-all Maledicti qui declinant a mandatis tuis. Idem.
None is so iust, but that he may fall

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¶[.............................]The upper margin is trimmed. [...secutionem] patiuntur propter iustitiam. Mathewe . 5.

It is a vertue, that is ryght excellent
65 Though thou somtyme, for trouth do suffre wronge
Thou shalte neuer be shamed, though thou be shent
To please god, set all thy hole entent Penetemini ergo et conuertemini, vt deleantur peccata vestra. Actes. 3.
Fle great othes and lyes, for they be euyll
For all lyers, be the chyldren of the deuyll

70 ¶Haue stedfast fayth, with parfyte reuerence Quicumque manducauerit panem, et biberit calicem domini indigne / reus erit corporis et sanguinis domini. 1. Corynthi. 8
Unto the holy sacramentes all
The specyall remedy, for thyne offence
To ryse agayne by, whan that thou doest fall
Ordeyned of god, therfore moost specyall
75 Uery contrycyon, with confessyon true
To scape the payne, that for the synne is dewe. Confiteamur peccata nostra quoniam fidelis est deus vt remittat nobis. 1. Iohan. 1.

¶But where the serpent, lurketh in theyr herte
They saye that confessyon, is ryght nought
He is so lothe, from them to departe
80 They saye it is ynough, god knoweth our thought Confitemini alterutrum peccata vestra. Iames . 5.
We shall be safe, Chryst hath so dere vs bought
But who-so dothe, confessyon dispyse
The sacrament of the aultre, setteth at lytell pryse. Quodcumque solueritis super terram, erunt soluta et in celo. Mathewe . 16.

¶Fastynge and prayer, my chylde se that thou vse
85 To exclude synne, with all thy hole entent
Holy brede, and holy water, do thou not refuse Hoc autem genus demoniorum non eiicitur, nisi per orationem et ieiunium. Mathewe . 17 Marke . 9.
In takyng of them, be thou ryght reuerent
Thynke they were ordeyned, for a good entent
A specyall vertue, shalt thou fynde therin
90 Agaynst wycked spyrytes, and venyall synne. The copytext fragment ends here; the rest is wanting.