The Fantasy of Idolatry

Gray, William [of Reading]

STC 12721
Ringler 12721 and TP 93. Stanzas 37-8 on the execution of Friar John Forest in 1538, quoted by Halle and ptd. in double columns

The vnion of the two noble and illustrate famelies of Lancastre and Yorke [by Edward Halle]
London: R. Grafton,1548.

Composition Date: 1538.

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As saith the Welshmen
Fetched Outlawes out of Hell.

Now is he come, with spere and shilde
5 In harnes to burne in Smithfelde
For in wales he may not dwell

And Forest the Freer
That obstinate lyer
That willfully shalbe dead.

10 In his contumacie
The Gospell doth deny
The kyng to be supreme head