The Lover Disceived by his Love Repenteth Him of the True Love he Bore Her

Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey

HHSP41: 13861
STC 13861
Ringler 13861, TP 784 and TM 689; Rollins 282. Found also (with the omission of the final stanza) in London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 30v [signed "H S"]. Facsim. of the only known copy of the 1st ed. of Tottel's _Songes and Sonettes_ (STC 13860, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford) ptd. by Scolar Press, 1970; the poems that appeared for the first time in the 2nd ed. (dated 31 July 1557) are ptd. as an appendix. The poem ed. here is the only new poem by Howard to appear in the 2nd ed.

Songes and Sonettes, written by the right honorable Lorde Henry Haward late Earle of Surrey, and other.
London: R. Tottel,1557 [31 July].

Variant source 1: London, British Library, Harley 78, fol. 30v (=Harl)

Composition Date: .

SONGES AND SONETTES, written by the right honorable Lorde Henry_Haward late Earle of Surrey, and other.
Apud Ricardum_Tottel.
Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

sig: [Aa3]
ref.ed: 230

The louer disceiued by his loue repenteth him of the true loue he bare her.

I That Ulysses yeres haue spent,
To finde Penelope: finde] seeke Harl
Finde well that folly I haue ment,
To seke that was not so. seke] say Harl
5 Since Troylous case hath caused me, case] cause Harl
From Cressed for to go.

And to bewaile Ulysses truth, bewaile] repent Harl
In seas and stormy skies,
Of wanton will and raging youth, wanton will and raging youth] raginge will and wanton youthe Harl
10 Which me haue tossed sore: me] I Harl
From Scilla to Caribdis cliues, Scilla] Cillas seas Harl
Upon the drowning shore.

Where I sought hauen, there found I hap,
From daunger vnto death:
15 Much like the Mouse that treades the trap, Much like] lyke vnto Harl
In hope to finde her foode,
sig: [Aa3v]
ref.ed: 231
And bites the bread that stops her breath. her] his Harl
So in like case I stoode.

Till now repentance hasteth him
20 To further me so fast:
That where I sanke, there now I swim. there now] now ther Harl
And haue both streame and winde:
And lucke as good if it may last, as] is Harl
As any man may finde. As] that Harl

25 That where I perished, safe I passe,
And find no perill there:
But stedy stone, no ground of glasse,
Now am I sure to saue,
And not to flete from feare to feare,
30 Such anker-hold I haue.